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Prodigy Math

No description

karen phet

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Prodigy Math

What is it?
The Prodigy Math Game is a fun and engaging fantasy-based educational math game where students can create their own avatars and traverse through a vast world and battle monsters through answering math problems.
One can find the Prodigy Math Game at https://www.prodigygame.com/USA/
Why is it Grade Level and Content Area Appropriate?
Prodigy Math offers math concepts for grades 1-8.
It offers over 300 curriculum-aligned math skills for students to master through battles.
It caters to the student's own learning pace.
Where to Find it?
Image by Tom Mooring
How Much Does it Cost?
Prodigy Math Game
Membership Cost
Access to all educational content
Catch all 100+ pets
Unlock member-only treasure chests
Explore the infamous Dark Tower
Activate cool minigame power-ups
Level up 1.5x faster
Huge discounts on in-game items
New member-only content monthly
When One Encounters a Battle
One might be thinking this cool math game couldn't possibly be free.
But, I have some good news for you!
It's absolutely free, to an extent.
While non-members might not be able to acquire the cool features like member-only treasure chests and catching all 100+ pets, students still receive all educational content needed to learn.
Monthly Plan
Yearly Saver Plan

On average, members learn more than non-members do.
Benefits to Learning
Educators are able to
Easily track student progress
Identify areas needed for improvement
Diagnose where students fall in content level
Align Prodigy's math content in battles with the current lesson in class
Guarantee mastery of a particular concept through testing
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