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Habitat Destruction Caused by Airports

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Abby D.

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Habitat Destruction Caused by Airports

Habitat Destruction
Some Animals That are Endangered Because of Habitat Destruction are...
If we keep up a steady flow of airports being built more animals will become endangered or extinct and more beautiful areas will be destroyed. For example, imagine Kingsville now. Then, picture our little town with an airport. Since this town is fairly small an airport would take up a lot of valuable farming areas and would create so much noise that people living near it would not be able to sleep at night if airplanes kept flying in. This is the same feeling for animals, their lives being destroyed from pollution. If we keep habitat destruction going the animals life may be similar to the one we might be living in the future!
The Way out
Caused By Airplanes and Airports
What is Habitat Destruction?
Habitat Destruction is when humans or nature destroys an animals home/ habitat. Airplanes are built on the outskirts of cities right where there is a number of plants and trees. This means that hundreds of habitats are destroyed!
Blue Heron
The Future
The only way we can help stop habitat destruction is to be friendly to the environment. Did you know that even one piece of litter contributes to habitat destruction? We can start helping with not littering and using the 3 R's. You can also...
- turn of the lights

- ride your bike places whenever you can
- Keep the door closed of cold days
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