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Oriole Elementary


Randee Deich

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Oriole Elementary

Elementary Kindergarten Cynthia Bowens
Kerry Burke
Ashleigh Errico
Kenya Keppel
Mary Quimbley 1st Grade Barbara Curtis
Carolyn Godwin
Manal Ibrahim
Stephen Jones
Kelly Latchu
Wendy Samuels 2nd Grade Farah Barrat
Frederick Burnos
Andrea Fazzolari
Monica Haye
Cindy Holt
Nakesha Miller 3rd Grade Jacqueline Blocker
Shalanda Doby
A'vachon Hunter
Maria Niforos
Azaleas Washington
Lisa Werner 4th Grade Bridgett Brown
Ronald Dawson
Emily Laskowsky
Elizabeth Rosa
Yolanda Smith
Veronica Torres 5th Grade Jessica Cadette
Joy Hechavarria
Gloria Lewis
Kristen Marino
Noelle Rampone
Christine Sherlock Electives, the Arts Tera Young, Music
Jacqueline Small, Math
Stevin Scott, Physical Education
Daryl Markowitz, Media
Randee Deich, Technology and for something different... Same School familiar face returning friend Outstanding Orioles
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