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The Daughters by Joanna Philbin

By: Madison Martin

Madison Martin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Daughters by Joanna Philbin

The Daughters Take the Stage By Joanna Philbin The setting is in New York during the winter. Most of the plot happens in Hudson and Holla's home, a mansion in New York. Because they are so famous, they have guards and maids. The other part of the story is in the Suburbs of New York, where Hudson's "not-so-famous" friends live. Setting Protagonist- Hudson would be the protagonist because she is the main character. Hudson would also be the Dynamic Character in the story because she makes the most significant changes throughout the story. (Hudson used to listen to what her mom said, but towards the end, she became more independent.)
Antagonist- This would be Holla, Hudson's mom because she gives Hudson all these rules and has a complaint about every single thing Hudson does. Holla would also be a Static Character because she doesn't really go through a change in the book. (In the beginning and at the end, she didn't listen to or care about her daughter's opinion.) Introduction to Characters Because it's in New York, Hudson can go freely. There are little shops she goes to. She even gets caught going to a party in SoHo because the paparazzi took her picture outside of a club. If the setting wasn't in New York, the whole story would have to change because New York has so much to do with the plot. Setting's Affect On the Mood In The Daughters Take the Stage Hudson Jones is the star. Being the daughter of super-famous, ultra-popular pop star Holla Jones makes the fact that Hudson is starting to have an interest in her own music career a bit more difficult. This is because Hudson has a sound different from her mom's, and she still hasn't felt ready to have the spotlight on her yet. Can Hudson overcome her stage fright? And even if she does, will she have the courage to sing the way she wants instead of the way her Mom wants her to? Basic Plot By: Madison Martin(:
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