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Dine or Dash Presentation

No description

Lindsey Parker

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Dine or Dash Presentation

Methodology Termination
Closure Dine or Dash Restaurant Selection Application What we Did Technology Applied Microsoft Server 2008
Microsoft SQL server 2012
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 What we did Followed through with our Project Plan
Utilized minimal development costs
Web-hosting and domain purchasing
Sales boost What we will do Continue using Agile Approach
Currently in Beta
Remain in contact with Restaurants Updated Completion Date May 30th
longer testing phases than expected Definition and Conceptualization Planning and Budgeting Execution and Control What we did: Work Breakdown Structure Budget

Application Development
Training $2,000
Domain Name $60
Web Hosting $100
Annual Maintenance Fee $500
Total Cost: $7160

Project Members
Project Manager $5,000
Project Leader $4,000
Project Developers (2) $6,000
Total Cost: $15,000

Overall Total Project Cost: $22,160 Lindsey Parker
Rachel Castaneda
Ann Davis
Zachary Guinn Web-based mobile application
Administrative access will be given to restaurants
Users have easy access to restaurant information The Problem Long wait times at restaurants
Crowd control in waiting area of restaurants
Frustrated customers The Solution Web based mobile Application: Dine or Dash Restaurant Abilities: Update wait times
Update menu items
Update specials Consumer Abilities: View wait times
Ability to call ahead and reserve a table
View menu
Call and place food order
Allow users to rate restaurant and add comments
Users can create a “favorites” list Benefits Expected Improved walk-in traffic
Less time spent answering phones
Simple promotion updates
Happy customers Agile Appraoch Gantt Chart Restaurant support
Find a suitable web hosting service
User involvement Progress to Date Currently we are in Beta of the application Earned Value Analysis Lessons Learned Communication is Key
Time Management Questions? Network Diagram
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