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The biography of Shelley Beattie

No description

Joseph Leger

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The biography of Shelley Beattie

Shelley Beattie Early Life Growing up Getting Big Was born August 24, 1967, in Santa Ana, California. When she was three years old she accidentally swallowed a bottle of aspirin and began to lose her hearing. She became deaf in one ear and had hearing loss in the other No one knew she was deaf until she was in the sixth grade. Her teen years were spent in a foster home because of her behavior. When Beattie was 14, she started weightlifting.
. In 1998 and 1989, she held the national and world records for speed in a co-ed handcar team. In addition, she held a world record for bench pressing -- 315 pounds. By the time she was 22, she had became a professional bodybuilder. Before and After Shelley's time of fame What really brought Shelley to fame was her participation on the hit 90's T.V. show "American Gladiator" as "Siren". Being Siren gave her a lot of publicity with an article in "People's Magazine"; she was also on the cover of Deaf Life magazine July 1991 and again in December 1992 The Death of Shelley Beattie Shelley Beattie was an inspiration to the deaf community, overcoming her disability to become a professional bodybuilder, a television personality and a competitive sailor.“The only thing I can’t do is hear,” she used to say. While under a doctor’s care during a six-week stay at a psychiatric hospital for her bipolar disorder, she took her own life. Our opinions on deaf culture After learning about Shelley and her outstanding career
it was very interesting to learn about some one who fallowed her dreams and did not let her hear loss affect her from becoming one of the best bodybuilders of all time. me and my partner can only image all the criticism and discrimination she had to face for being deaf and a girl in the bodybuilding industry. She did not only inspire women all around the world to pursuit their dream but gave a good name to the deaf culture. sadly with her illness
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