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The Fault in Our Stars

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hello :)

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars

Key Themes
Elizabeth M.
Every Wednesday, Hazel's mother forces Hazel to attend Support Group. Hazel has lost happiness and hope in life because she knows she's going to die in a few years at the most.
Elizabeth B.
The story
The Fault in our Stars
is about a girl with thyroid cancer named Hazel Grace Lancaster.
In reality, Support Group is just as depressing but it is where Hazel meets Isaac and Augustus Waters.
Augustus is constantly flirting with Hazel but she doesn't want to hurt him because she's knows she's going to die and his last girlfriend died of cancer.
At the same time, Isaac's girlfriend breaks up with him after he gets eye surgery and becomes blind.

Hazel and Augustus try to help him feel better.
Hazel convinces Augustus to read her favourite book
An Imperial Affliction
and he loves it as much as her. He manages to contact the authour Peter Van Houten and his secretary invites them to visit him in Amsterdam.
Hazel wants to visit Van Houten and learn about the ending of the book, but she has already used her cancer wish. Augustus organizes a romantic picnic and tells her he still hasn't used his wish and he will use it to take her to Amsterdam.
Augustus, Hazel and her mom all go to Amsterdam. Hazel is still trying not to fall for Augustus but after a romantic dinner and some champagne, she changes her mind.
As you read this book, the one thing that stands out in your mind would have to be the relationship that Hazel and Augustus share. They act like they have know each other their whole lives, while still being able to maintain a lover's relationship. Elizabeth M. mentioned that the relationship between Augustus and Hazel is comical, amusing. While reading the book, you can't help but feel touched that Hazel is opening up to people she hardly knows. I think that by far the most touching part would have to be the letter that Augustus wrote to Hazel (you'll need a tissue box while reading this...) Despite ripping apart our hearts, this was one of the greatest books we have ever read.
The next day, Augustus and Hazel go to visit Van Houten who turns out to be a mean drunk and doesn't tell Hazel the rest of the story.
Van Houten's secretary Lidevij apologizes and they go to the Anne Frank Museum where Hazel and Augustus kiss.
Augustus tells Hazel that he has had a relapse of cancer and he is dying
They have romantic relations.
They all return to Indiana where Isaac is still not over Monica so the three of him egg her car
A week later Gus ends up in ER
In Gus's late stage, Hazel takes constant care of him.
At 2:35 in the morning she recieves a phone call from Gus, telling her he's at a gas station Hazel goes and find his G-tube is infected and Gus is covered in vomit.
Gus is admitted to the hospital.
Isaac and Hazel meet Gus in the Heart of Jesus (location of Support Group) and say his eulogies.

8 days later, Gus dies.
Augustus has a funeral and Van Houten attends. He apologizes to Hazel and tells her how the main character of an Imperial Affliction was his daughter
Hazel visits Gus in the cemetery.
Isaac mentions he saw Augustus writing a letter. Hazel tries to find it and finally e-mails Lidevij asking about it. Lidevij sends it to her and Hazel reads it.
The story takes places in a city in Indiana, United States.
Later on, Hazel, Augustus and Hazel's mom go to Amsterdam to visit Hazel's favorite author.
By:Elizabeth Milne, Elizabeth Beeraj and Florence Campbell
De th
Love is the main theme in The Fault in Our Stars. Augustus and Hazel are both very in love with each other and are also recieving love from their family and friends.
Family is almost important as love. Augusutus and Hazel's parents both care deeply about their children. Hazel's mother is always there for her and her father offers useful advice. Augustus' parents leave Encouragements around the house and cry a lot when Augustus ends up in the hospital.
Death is a very important theme in this book.Hazel knows she is about to die, and this prevents her from living life like others. She is afraid to enter relationships and make friends because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She is even vegetarian. Augustus' death is much more sudden and unexpected, which makes it a bit of a shock for his friends and family.
Hazel and Augustus both have cancer. This makes their life different from most other's. The last time Hazel went to school was when she was 13. She avoids making friends because she is afraid of hurting them, isolating herself even more.
Hazel has cancer and knows she is going to die in a few years. She tries every new treatment and cure no matter how low the chances are of its working and doesn't give up.She is also selfless.
Hazel Grace Lancaster-

the main character with cancer who loves Augustus
Augustus Waters-
the boy with cancer who is in love with Hazel
Hazel's parents-
they always cry and care about Hazel
Augustus parents-
they are very chill and are nice
Hazel and Augustus's blind friend
Van Houten's nice secretary
Peter Van Houten-
Hazel's favorite author of An Imperial Affliction
The leader of Support Group
Probably the main plot is Hazel and Augustus going to Amsterdam to find their favourite author: Peter Van Houten
Another part of the plot is Hazel and Augustus trying to survive.
Another very important part of plot in the story is Hazel and Augustus falling in love.
Lastly, heartbreak is a very important factor when it comes to plot, for so many different reasons. Augustus' death, Isaac's break up etc.
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