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Rod & Cone Cell

No description

Weston Bu

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Rod & Cone Cell

What is the Difference Between a Rod Cell And A Cone Cell?
Weston Bukar
Nick McGinnis
Period 8
Rod Cells are responsible for vision at low light.
Cone Cells in the retina allow humans to detect three basic colors of light - Red, Green, And Blue.
Life Span
A Rod And Cone Cell can live the humans whole life if their retina is healthy.
What unique organelle is in the rod cell?
A unique organelle in the rod cell is the synaptic vesicle.
The synaptic vesicles in the rod cell provides a fast functional information transfer between neurons in the brain.
What Odd Structure Does This Cell Have Compared To Other Cells?
Fun Facts!
Each cone cell contains 100 million molecules of a substance called a photopigment.
Rod cells get their name from their look. They are long and straight.
The human eye contains about 130 million rods and 7 million cones.
Rod And Cone Cell
The Rod Cell And Cone Cell have a light sensitive pigment part of the cell called THE RETINAL EPTHELIUM.
Rod And Cone Cell

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Explanation Of The Eye
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