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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

No description

Melissa Kohlman

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

My Personal Philosophy of Nursing
The stem is essential to the seedling it is the stable and central core of the tree. The stem is often the part of the tree that endures many insults from the environment. The person or 'patients' are just like the stem of the tree, they are the center of care and influenced by nurses, their environment and insults to their health. The stem can be made stronger even after insults by the support of nurses and especially if patients are central to their own care.
The roots of the tree are its foundation, it supports the tree and is crucial for the survival of the tree. Just like the roots are a trees foundation, health is the same for the patient. Health is not merely the absence of disease. Health of a patient encompasses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The survival of the patient is grounded in their health.

The purpose of this assignment was to describe my personal philosophical view about nursing as it relates to the four metaparadigm concepts - person, nursing, environment, and health. I applied the four metaparadigm concepts using an analogy of a seedling.
In order for a seedling to grow, it needs the appropriate growing conditions. It also requires a supportive environment that fosters growth. This is the same in nursing in order for the patient to achieve their optimal health they need a safe supportive environment from nurses, their family and the rest of the health care team.
A nurse is so much more than a health care provider. A nurse is a teacher, a team member a listener, a supporter and a investigator. A nurse can also be influenced by their work environment and their health.
The environment encompasses the individual, physical, and the social. These environments impact the patient and their health as well as the nurse especially in the work environment.
The health of the patient and the nurse encompasses not only their physical being but their mind, body and spirit.
The person or in this case the patient should be at the center of care. The patient is influenced and impacted by the nurse, the environment and health, as well as their family and any life situations.
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A single drop can create ripples that impact the surrounding water. Just as a single drop of water can impact a large section of water, one nurse can impact more than themselves. A nurse is in one of the best positions to truly impact a patients life. A nurse can positively influence a patient's experience, improve their health and make a difference in their life. As a nurse if I can positively impact my patients even in the smallest way I think that is a wonderful thing to strive for. I want to strive to be the best nurse that I can be even though I many not have a direction quite yet if I can positively impact people along the way I think that is an accomplishment in itself.
Vision for Future Practice
The Journey of Nursing
Nursing is a journey, with many twists and turns that will require energy, patience and courage. There will be times of great pride and accomplishment and times that will challenge and exhaust your very being. Nursing is not an easy journey but it is one that is not traveled alone.
Metaparadigm Concepts
I view the most important metaparadigm concept as the person or 'patient' and therefore I believe that the patient should be at the center. This should be the same in nursing, the patient should be at the center of care. Each of the other metaparadigm concepts interact with the patient and each other.
Purpose of Assignment
The branches of the tree support the leaves and stem off the core of the tree. Nurses are like branches as they are directly connected to the patient and support the patient towards health. Nurses can support patients by demonstrating caring. I view caring as the most integral aspect of nursing. "The art of caring" can easily be done through touch. A nurses touch is the most precious and simple way to provide comfort care, and even healing.
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