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Digital Nation

from a student's perspective

Karla Mendoza

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Digital Nation

Digital Nation from a student's perspective What is the digital nation? The digital nation is all of the technology you see nowadays.
Technology is more common these days. Nearly everywhere you
go, you see technology around you. All of the cellphones, iPods,
computers, and televisions you see are a part of technology. Everybody uses technology in their everyday lives. Multitasking: Is it bad? Most people might consider multitasking as a bad thing, but it's a controversy. There's advantages and disadvantages to multitasking. An advantage could be that you complete many things at once, little by little. A disadvantage could be that you do things slower and there is more chances of distractions. South Korea's Gaming Craze South Korea has a game craze
going on. They have an internet
addiction. It's gotten to the point
where they have a camp to help
you come back to earth and out of
the virtual worlds. Relationships People all around the world are
gaining friendships through
the internet. They are constantly
chatting and meeting new people
through the web. There are even
people out there who have gotten
married through the internet but
have never actually met in person.
Relationships and friendships through
the internet could cause you to lose
contact with people you see everyday
rather than gaining realtionships
through virtual worlds. The Dumbest Generation? Most people seem to be using technology
constantly now a days and our generation
could potentially be considered the dumbest generation. The only question left now is could we really be considered the dumbest generation? Considering the fact that our technology is very advanced therfore, could our generation be considered the dumbest?
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