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Book Review; I am David.

No description

Bana Tut

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Book Review; I am David.

Book Review; I AM DAVID.
Author: Anne Holm.
The main Character in the story was David. He is a twelve year old boy. David's personality was a very confusing because he and through so much in the concentration camp he was basically physically and emotionally scarred for life but he acted like such a well mannered young man in the book. Physical description; In the book it didn't give a clear vision or description of what David looked like but I will refer to the movie~ dark brown hair, brown/green eyes, about 5.3f. David did change through out the story because in the beginning he was very conserved an barely showed any emotion but towards the middle and end he showed a lot of mixed emotions.

Maria was a girl that David fell in love with. They met when David saved her life in a fire. The fire started when Maria and her two younger brothers were play Cowboys and Indians. She was a very polite and generous girl. Physical description: long wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, olive skin and a thick Italian accent.
This story was about David, his life, his struggles and how he managed to make his way around Europe. I found the beginning of the story boring but it gradually got better and interesting.
Sophie was an old lady David met when she was painting. Sophie is a very generous person because she didn't know David but she invited him into her house.

About the Author
Name: Anne Holm.
Birth: September 10, 1922, Oksbøl, Denmark.
Death: December 27, 1998.
Spouse: JC Holm.
She was a Danish Journalist and Children's writer.
I am David became a movie in 2003.

This character is never named, but enables David to escape from the camp, providing him with information as to when would be the right time, an initial set of supplies. He was portrayed as a very bitter and nasty soul. But he was also in love with David's mother, so he did treat David with care.
The Plot:

It think the author did have a reason for writing this story because this book has a lot of meaning to it.

While reading the book at some parts I felt very connected to it. Reading the book I had anticipating a firework ending but I felt it was rushed which annoyed me.

Yes, I have learnt so much from this book. Even though this isn't a true story it is a very realistic one which I believed a lot of people in third world countries could relate to.

This book could be easily compared to the Moris Gleitzman series "Once, After, Now." This is beause both David and Felix were on the run and looking for their parents.
This story was in fact written in first person. Which means it to be written in narrative mode.

The settings weren't exactly described in much detail but you could still picture it in your head.
Yes I did think "I Am David" was a good book because it does connect to the reader and has a good story line.

My favourite bit of the story was at the end when David and his mother was reunited.

Also my favourite quote was when David's mother said: "David my son, David".
In the movie I feel I can connect to Johannes more. First I can say that Johannes is very generous...explain. David and Johannes met in he concentration camp. Physical Description; Black hair, brown eyes, nicely shaved beard, glasses. He was a very good role model towards David he was basically his father.
Carlo was Maria's brother. Carlo and David didn't like each other at all. This is because Carlo was always nasty towards David.
I would change the ending because I didn't like how it was handled. I felt it was rushed!

It think it is important to say this book is a very multicultural book. This is because a lot of backgrounds could relate to it.
Yes I would recommend this book to people over 11yrs old because some of the passages can be hard to understand.
Her Books:
During her career she wrote only a few books such as: I Am David, The Sky Grew Red, North To Freedom and THe Hostage.

I give this book
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