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Matt Baker

on 3 December 2018

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Transcript of Post-WWII

- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil

- I can assess the beginnings of the Cold War

Table of Contents
Page: Communism & Nukes
Page: Post-WWII

In your group, write what your perfect society would look like. You will be sharing.

It should include:
- Government style
- Economy (how wealth will be distributed)
- What the people must do
- What the government must provide
Post-WWII Context
- US and USSR (Soviet Russia) are the last two powers left
- Capitalism v. Communism
- To be decided:
- Denazifying Germany
- Eastern Europe
- Marx: Believed that poor workers would unite and overthrow the rich/government to create a utopia
- Lenin/Stalin (Russian Leaders): Believed that the government must force people to be 100% equal and they will adapt to communism
Is 100% equality a good idea?
Life in Soviet (Communist) Russia
- No rights
- Job chosen for you
- Secret police
- Executions
- Gulags
- Food shortages/famines
- Propaganda
- Cult of Personality (Stalin)
What would be different in the US if we were communist?
Nuclear Weapons
- Red Army (Soviet) was the strongest
- Soviets got the atom bomb (1949)
- US developed hydrogen bomb (1952)
- Both sides threatened each other
1. Send each person in your group to one station
2. Read the short article at your station
3. Answer the questions next to the cartoons
4. Take it back to your group
5. Cut out the cartoons
6. Organize the cartoons by topic (LABEL THEM!)
Ex: Berlin Airlift cartoons should be labeled "Berlin Airlift"
7. Have your teammate explain how the cartoon shows that topic
8. Write it in your notebook
Writing Prompt
In your opinion, who was more responsible for the escalation of the Cold War, the US or USSR? Use evidence to explain why.

Turn this into my basket before you leave.
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