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Welcome Back to School Prezi

Back to School Night

Laci Zollinger

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Welcome Back to School Prezi

Welcome Back to School! Where Are We? Laci Zollinger
Wyoming High School
Sophomore/Junior Social Studies
laci@zollinger.org OR 307-299-2375 Who Am I? Laci Zollinger
Two kids
One dog
Earned Education IN Wyoming K-College Technology Integration TECHNOLOGY IS IMPORTANT TODAY!
100% effort and participation
Used in classroom as well as for communication outside of classroom Classroom Management What I want:
Respect from my students
Homework turned in on time
Proper Communication RECAP!! :) Laci Zollinger
Social Studies Teacher
World History
American History A What is my philosophy? Mission Statement What do I Teach? World History-Major events that shaped ancient and modern civilizations Let's "Branch Out" and get to know one another! My objective as a Secondary Social Studies teacher is to bring history alive for the students and help them realize that historical events are important to our present time as well as our future. It is important to me that all students are given a chance to succeed and in order to do that, they must first be given tools and motivation “We are committed to preparing responsible and life-long learners who value themselves, contribute to their society, and succeed in a changing world” My Goals Teach history in a fun way
Let students know that I care
Interact with parents to help them know what is going on
Be the teacher your kids deserve! American History A- National history from first colonizations to 1800's Rules:
Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated! http://zollinger-l-f12.blogspot.com/ You respect me, I will respect you! COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Technology WILL be integrated. My goal is to help your student succeed! Excuses will NOT be tolerated! WE WILL HAVE A GREAT YEAR!! Hobbies Reading
Taking Pictures
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