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Fire Officer Series Update

No description

Buddy Wilks

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Fire Officer Series Update

Fire Officer Series Update
2015 Update
AFC Online
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Health Safety Officer
Incident Safety Officer
Health Safety Officer

Group projects
Meet NFPA 1521
Gain knowledge of multiple NFPA standards
Create documents that can be taken back to your department
Facilitate ideas to improve current SOP
Do not allow students to copy current SOP's or download from internet
Incident Safety Officer
New Book coming out in April
Discussing dropping the required class hours
This class is in consideration for being placed on AFC online
Fire Officer I
IFSTA Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer 5th Edition
Textbook separated between FO I & II
New Power Points
Instructor Prep Time
Project Order has changed
2015 Update
Curriculum update for NFPA 1002 2014 Edition
New books for officer classes
Why the book change?
Textbook separated between FO I & II
AFC Online - Moodle
All officer courses will require computers and internet access
Health Safety Officer
Project 1 - NFPA 1500 assessment
Project 4
Manage a member returning to work - memo to fire chief,
Documenting NFPA 1582 - why can/can not return to duty
Project 7 - PPE project must submit a completed PPE inspection form
Project 9 - review of injury/accident information
Looking for detailed report with graphs
Project 13 - NIOSH reports
Written report on contributing factors
Presentation to the class
Fire Officer I & II skills will be changing to projects
Project grading will become 50% of final score
100 questions written test 50% of final score
Must get 70% on written test and projects to pass
All projects will be submitted through AFC online
Project grading will be assigned by AFC Testing Division
Pro Board & IFSAC wants 3 versions of projects
Your AFC online class will be assigned based on the version of projects
Intent of the projects will be the same
2015 Update
Fire Officer I Schedule
Day 1
- Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3
Project 1, 2
Day 2
- Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6
Project 5, 6, 7
Day 3
- Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch9
Project 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Day 4
- Ch 10, Ch 11
Project 14, 15
Day 5
- Project 9 presentation
Project completion, Review and test
Individual project
Exception- Project 9
Instructor preparation
Project 1 - Building Organization chart
Be prepared to assist with computer skills
Be prepared to work with templates
Format is important
Memo vs letter, spreadsheets
Project 9 - Directing a training evolution
Develop a lesson plan
Group project - teaching a lesson
Peer Review Forms
Each class will be assigned to the system
Instructors will be given access before class starts
Students will be loaded into the system after registration
Pre-registration is important
Roster on day one must be in, to get the students in the system
Fire Officer II
Only 6 chapters
Same format as FO I
Day 1
- Ch 12
Project 1, 2
Day 2
- Ch 13
Project 3,4
Day 3
- Ch 14, Ch 15
Project 5,6,7
Day 4
- Ch 16, Ch 17
Project 8,9
Day 5
- Project completion, Review and test
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
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