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Pawit Wayachut

on 14 February 2010

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Transcript of Leadership

Leadership Kulawat Wongsaroj Development Manger Reuters Collaboration Service Education Experience Current Past Dev Mgr at Thomson Reuters (Thailand) Dev Group Lead at Thomson Reuters (Thailand)
Project Mgr at Motif Technology, Thailand
Senior Consultant at BearingPoint (Thailand)
Software Engineer at Siemens PLM Software (USA)
Technical Support Engineer at Siemens PLM Software (USA)
System Engineer at Bisnews BCompSc, North Carolina State University
BE Electrical, Chulalongkorn Mahawitthayalai Organization Chart Our Guest Reuters is a leader in news and financial information provider
Data provided through its own software
Off-shoring software development unit around the world
Reuters Software (Thailand) Limited is the largest development center in SE Asia
In the late 2008, was acquired by Thomson Corporation and merge to Thomson Reuters Value About CUSTOMERS ARE THE HEART OF EVERYTHING
PERFORMANCE MATTERS Responsibilities Plan, Manage and Coordinate between neccessary stakeholder in order to deliver a quality software to the customer
Coach and provide guidance to his 20+ people in his software development team
Be a communication proxy for the team
Characteristics Optimistic
Open-minded and respect to other opinion
Balance of power
Enjoy learning and flexible to change in all situations Servant Leadership Concept
Attributes Waterfall Plan everything from the begining to the end
Long development cycle
Requirement changed by the time software developed
Focus on user requirement and feedback
Rapid and flexible response to change
Short development cycle, deliver small amount of feature quickly
Agile VS Listening
Persuasioning Community Conceptaulization
Commitment to the Growth of People
Building Community
Trust Case I Organization Case II High turnover rate Case III Conflict Cause
Management focus on task-orientation and maximized the people utilization
Two way communication & Bottom up communication
Knowledge sharing, spread knowledge among the people in the team Cause
Conflict is happen all the time
Occur in both between team members themself and among the management
Change in attitude, try to understand each other
Use a neccessary tools to create team working experience, e.g. “Pair Programming” & “Planning Poker”
Task-and-relationship-oriented team leader Cause
Too many re-organization and change in top management team
People feel insecure in their job
Uncontinuous and delay work
Problem cause by Waterfall model
Long development cycle, not flexible to changes
"Thinker not do, doer not think"
Agile development
Transformational leader
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