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Rachel Robinson

No description

carlene brantley

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of Rachel Robinson

While attending The University of California, she made the special and important encounter of Jackie Robinson. They both knew they wanted to marry one another, but their plan was stalled when he was called to serve in the Army. Jackie told Rachel that they would marry after she finished school unaware of the few complications that lay ahead. While Jackie was away, Rachel decided to make some life decisions of her own. One Jackie was not okay, so this drew them apart.
Rachel and I are not given to sloppy sentimentalism. But we can honestly say that each of us has stood at the center of the other's existence; that we have honored and loved each other; that we have never broken our marriage contract and that we
wouldn't trade a day of it—not the sorrows or joys—for all the
gold in the world.
Becoming Mrs. Robinson
Social Disruption
During that time period, racism and prejudice was still greatly alive. It was influenced upon children by the adults and parents, so they thought that it was okay to participate in. During Jackie's years of playing baseball, he experienced a lot of racism and prejudice. Even his own teammates didn't like him, simply due to the color of his skin. When they would travel, he and Rachel would stay somewhere different, because they weren't welcomed. It took a lot for Rachel and Jackie not to fight back. Even if they were provoked, the conflict would be blamed on them since they were black. But they had each other. They supported one another and kept each other strong through any and every obstacle.
Thursday, November 17, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Who is Rachel Robinson?
Jackie's Success
Rachel Robinson is a Los Angeles native born on July 19, 1922, which is also where she met her late husband Jackie Robinson in 1941. Following her husbands retirement from baseball, she furthered her career by pursuing a master's degree in psychiatric nursing from NYU. Not only was Mrs. Robinson a medical professional, she was also a civil rights activist, philanthropist, and an educator.
As Jackie's career reached a peak, it was hard for Rachel to live a life of her "own". She was no longer Rachel. She was Jackie Robinson's wife. She even started to deny that they were married so she could be know for her own success. Other than that, it would have just been related to Jackie, and she wouldn't receive the real recognition.
Rachel Robinson
"I gave Rachel a special bracelet and a ring, and we formally
announced our engagement and agreed to get married when
Rachel finished school. Everything seemed fine to me, though we were far apart." -Page 25, Robinson

"She mailed the bracelet and the ring back to me. We both had a lot of pride, and now I realize it was my fierce
possessiveness that had forced her to act. But then I was stunned by Rae's reaction, and stubbornly I vowed to forget about her."
Keeping The Family Close
Character Comparison of Rachel and Aunt Mae
I want to take a minute to compare the roles of Rachel and Aunt Mae. Both Characters were people who the narrators depended heavily on. Their absence meant the loss of support and love they were accustomed to. It brought along a sense of loneliness and deprivation. Without Aunt Mae, David was handicapped. He struggled to take care of his home that was left broken and vulnerable after the departure of Poppa for the war. Aunt Mae abandoning them in such a tremendous time of need dismantled the last fragment of hope and solace that David had. For someone his age, I could only imagine what that did to his frame of mind. Without Rachel, Jackie Robinson probably wouldn't have had the successful career that he is eminent for til this very day. In the autobiography, Jackie confesses to the readers that without Rachel, he would have never accomplished his success. She was there for Jackie providing him with a peace of mind and a reason to hope for something better. A reason to continue being the person he was instead of lowering him self to level of the many people around him that kept trying to bring him down.

"Rachel was even more important to my success. I know that
every successful man is supposed to say that without his wife
he could never have accomplished success. It is gospel in my
case. Rachel shared those difficult years that led to this
moment and helped me through all the days thereafter. She
has been strong, loving, gentle, and brave, never afraid to
either criticize or comfort me." -Page 12, Robinson
Jackie's career put pressure on the family's home life. The absence of a father figure greatly impacts the lives of the children in any home, and that's what happened to Jackie Jr. He felt like he wasn't as important as his siblings and this caused him to rebel. He wanted the attention that he saw other kids receive from their parents. He wanted the attention that his siblings received. Even they excluded Jackie. But along side that, he more so wanted his dad to SEE him. He felt isolated and alone and he made bad habits his companion to the life he felt he didn't matter to. This relationship was different with Rachel though. Rachel was in Jackie's life. He was close to her and she tried to help and support him, but that seemed to not be enough. Jackie continued to indulge in his bad habits and found solace in them. When Jackie Jr. died, the loss was felt the most by Rachel. It broke her in a way that I hope to never experience soon.

"If you ask Sharon today, she'll honestly admit that she felt closer to Jackie than to any of us. She attributes this, in part, to their having what she calls a "beautiful" relationship." -Page 261, Robinson
In conclusion, Rachel's role was more than just a wife. Although Jackie was obtaining most of the spotlight and success from his career, Rachel had to act as several people. She was a mother, a daughter, a wife, caretaker, supporter amongst many other things that she attributed to. Her role was not a simple one. Alongside the good times, she dealt with loss and pain, but still managed to come out on top.
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