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Gravity Zone

Multi Activity Center for Adrenaline Rush Sports

Ramez Shawky

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Gravity Zone

Surprise yourself and
push your limits... Impact First Center of its kind anywhere in ME region
Attract worldwide focus on Dubai
The Xtreme Adventures and
Recreational sports Hub
The opportunity to add to already exceptional list new Entertainment Venue Dubai Central Destination ...Summary Creating Thrilling Experiences.. Introduction
Gravity Zone
Summary Agenda Enchanted by Dubai + My Sports passion The Concept Idea WHY ? Dubai Top Touristic destination
No 1 choice for events
New business hub in the region
Existing community Dubai’s modern miracles Gravity Zone Partnership
UK Bungee
Club Operations Setup Products & Services UK BUNGEE CLUB Bungee Jumping Products & Services Tandem Jump SHARE THE RUSH WITH FRIENDS Experience the adrenaline as you’re
blasted over 100ft into the air! Catapult Experience Abseiling Get the experience of running down a wall. Be connected in a special harness and multiple safety components for the "run" of your life. Zip Wires Great for those unsure of adrenalin activities, or for building the confidence of those wanting to progress to more adventurous activities later. Venue space 30m*30m
Crane and Jump station
Hoarding to identify separate areas
Reception area &ticketing
Parking Zone and Observation area Operations & Setup B.E.R.S.A code
Expert Certified Crew
Equipment High Quality Assurance
Insurance Safety Exposure through social media tools

Offers to attract Hotels and Tour Organizers

High Traffic venues and residents attractions Marketing THANK YOU 20 years of experience in Xtreme
Adventure and leisure sports
Descenders and much more

Safety as fundamental and core value

Visionary and commercial market leader
Adventure Activity Products
Event Management
Corporate Events
TV and Film Stunts
Charity Fundraising Activities
Brand Promotions Freefall from 165ft high...65km/h...guided by our pro instructors Event days , festivals & shows

Corporate and team building

Charity and Fund Raising

Brand Promotions

Absolutely Mobile Events
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