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Science Notifications

No description

Annabelle Lee

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Science Notifications

Scientific Notation When starting your scientific notation you get a big number and think "Oh my Gosh." For example 12,000,000. First, when you look at the number you
look for a number between 1-10 inside of your big number and you move the decimal to make it look like a smaller number.
For example... 12,000,000
Inside there you see a 12 but you can't
put a decimal there because it's not between 1-10. So you move it one more decimal to the left. Now you get
Second, to make the equation you have to count how many numbers you skipped when you made into a decimal, which in this case is 7. That means the equation would look something like this... 1.2 x 10(7) The formation of the equation is
The decimal x 10(with the number you skipped places to get the decimal as the exponent Scientific Notations are equations that make big numbers smaller. Here's an example.... AWMS students are going to the jelly bean factory for a field trip. When they get there the attendent tells them we make at least 45 billion Jelly beans per day. What is the scientific notation? If you got...
4.5x 10(10)
Then you are right:D Here's another...
The U.S Tae-Kwon-Do center is having a trip to California for a competition. They have 45 students competing and each ticket for the plane is 5000 dollars. That means 225,000 dollars. Put this in scientific notation. If you get 2.25 x 10(6).... You're wrong! Its 2.25 x 10(5) Here's a picture Here's an example of a scientific notation Here's another example... You see, you just have to move the decimal to make the number with the decimal numbers 1-10
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