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Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

No description

Sophia Hahn

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

"Reliving the terror"
Interview with a Pilot
Symptoms of PTSD include...
-Becoming up set
-Sleep disruption
-Difficulty concentrating
-Startled easily
The Way out
What happened
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

How it affected him
7.8 Americans will experience PTSD
Asiana Airlines Flight 214
July 6th, 2013
Women have a 10.4 percent chance of getting PTSD, twice as likely as men, who have a 5 percent chance.
Is a mental disorder triggered by witnessing a traumatic event or a sudden and major change in a persons life.
5.2 million people are diagnosed with PTSD every year
30% of people who spent time in war zones suffer from PTSD
It is often thought that only soldiers get PTSD but in reality it is actually a very common and can happen to anyone.
6 to 11 percent of soldiers from Afghanistan have PTSD
12 to 20 percent of soldiers who fought in Iraq suffer from PTSD
Risk Factors
"Agoraphobia is common, along with depression suicidal thoughts, sleeping impairments which leads to your immune system depressed and heart problems."
Where it effects your brain
indirect exposure(sensory explanation, discussing dreams, or talking it out)
Moves them in and out of the feeling
helps re-alter the memory
How to treat it (from his point of view)
Other Helpful Medical Careers
Clinical Psychologist
"Medication is possible but it really is a last resort"
natural disasters
serious accident
substance abuse
gang activity
remember, its not the same for everyone
prison stay
domestic abuse
In Davis
- Some phone numbers of Therapists in Davis are: Cathy G Neuhauser-(530) 723-1438, Dr. Dean Dickerson- (530) 645-3649, Diane Simon- 9530) 419-6114
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
"...and after i watched these 2 people fly out the back of the airplane i saw the get up and then colapse, I thought they were dead."
"...right after the tail came of there was dust and derbies everywhere."
"at first i was a nervous coming in[landing] for the first time i couldn't stop thinking about the crash the entire time."
Outside Davis
-there is a ranch called Summerwinds Stables that offers therapeutic riding lessons for people who suffer from PTSD
Places to Get Help
"It did spook me out a little,"
The Cure
he said that talking it out with others really helped move him out of it
Now to this day he still flies the Boeing 747 and is a copilot
Quotes from those who have experienced flashbacks related to traumatic events
"It was sudden and it felt real, like your reliving the moment."
"afterward, I was shocked and shaky,...literally. i dropped to my knees and it took me a few [minutes] to catch my breath."
"I couldn't drive over that same spot again. anxiety built up and made me avoid it. It took me 16 months till i was able to drive comfortably again."
"...still, all i remember from that was me sitting inside the doorway shocked and numb."
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Also would like to thank Jose De Anda, Chris Halliday, and Gregory Brucker for some of the information.
How PTSD effects the family and friends of those who have it...
People with PTSD
will sometimes have angry out making the people around them scared or nervous
will sometimes stop participating or having interest in activities they used to love making the people around them think they are depressed or just plain out rude
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