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Youth in the 1950s

No description

Dylan Bowman

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Youth in the 1950s

Youth Rebellion in 1950's by Dylan Bowman parenting was in
question More efficient production
allowed for more households to own cars, along with teenagers owning there own as well. This allowed for a lot of freedom The style changed, instead of the proper
conservative look, teens now had the
rebellious look. With more money, the teens where
able to become more self sufficient
allowing for more freedom. Rock and roll was one
of the influences to allow
teens to become rebellious. After the idea of rebellion caught on
the media, and adults of the culture did not
know how to handle it or why it was happening
this can be easily seen in the newspapers. The switchblade was associated with
the movie as well as the rebellious ways of the teens. plato judy
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