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Nora's Oman Presentation

No description

Molly Simich

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Nora's Oman Presentation

Oman Arabian Peninsula Oman's Currency
Omani Rial
$1 OMR=$2.60 USD Fun and Games
Camel Racing Oman has many traditions such
as when a child loses a tooth,
they must throw it at the sun while
saying "Oh mighty sun, take this tooth,
play with it, but don't forget to bring
it back." Oman's Language Omani people speak Arabic,
but there are other languages
spoken like Baluchi, English, and Urdu. The main language is Arabic. Climate
Oman's climate is mostly
desert. Omani Food
Omani people usally eat fish, fruits, and lots of rice. They eat on the floor with their dishes on a cloth. Omani people are NEVER allowed to have pork or alcoholic drinks. Waterways
Oman has two main waterways which are the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. It also has the W. Bin Khawlar, Wadi Jazal, V. Stum, Wadi Ghadun, and W. Hayta rivers. Education
Omani people try to mostly study mathematics, the sciences, and environmental geography. They have a British education system. They have Al Sahwa or Al Ibdaa schools in Oman. Natural Hazards
Summer winds often raise large sandstorms Economy
GPD- $75,840,000,000
Industries- cement, copper, and alfalfa
Date of Adoption- November 18, 1995
Country's Age- 9th century BC
Population- 2,967,717
Oman is a devoping country. Natural Resources
Oil, natural gas, electricity,copper, and some marble Agricultural Products
Oman has many agricaltural products such as dates, limes, bananas, vegetables, and camels. The unemployment rate 15.00% Exports
36,120 million exports Area
Total Area- 119,500 miles
Absolute Location- Muscat's Location is 23.61 N, and 58.54 E. Religion
Shia and Sunni Muslims
They celebrate the birthday of Muhammad like a holiday. In their language the birthday is called Milad un Nabi. Nonreligion Omani people use the same calender as Americans. Fashion
Oman religion influences how they dress.
Men- men wear traditional dishdaha, which is an ankle length robe. they wear turbans or skull caps.
Women- wear colorful dresses over loose pants with scarves on their heads. In public, they wear black ankle dresses called abayas. They both wear sandles. Government
Oman has a monarchy, which the Cabinet appoints. Military
Oman has a special military to protect the royal. The branches are the Royal Army, the Royal Air Force, and the Royal Navy. Power
"Type G" British BS-1363 Oman is a member of the UN. Oman was controlled by Portugul from 1508 to 1659.
1737- the Persians invade
1920- the peace between Oman and Portugaul was restored Oman's national anthem is called Nashid as Salaam as Sultani. Children like to ride horses, and the older kids have horse races. Holidays
November 4- Islamic New Year
June 6- Al Israa Wal Miraj The literacy rate was 97.28% in 2003 and it was 97.63% in 2008.
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