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Ferdinand J Cohn

No description

Aimee Eedy

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Ferdinand J Cohn

Ferdinand was very smart from a young age. Ferdinand
started reading when he was 2 years old, he then started
school at the age of 4, he then entered The Breslau
Gymnasium (a high school) in the year, 1835. Unfortunately,
a hearing defect slowed down all his process at school.
This effected shyness and sensitivity as a young man.
But then in 1842, he was accepted to enter The University
Of Breslau. 'Influenced by professors Heinrich Goeppert and
Christian Nees Von Esenbeck', Ferdinand became interested
in botany. But because he was jewish, he was expelled from
taking the degree at Breslau. So he then applied for an
exemption from this restriction, but was (again) refused.
In 1846, Ferdinand went to Berlin and studied microscopic
animals. On November, the 13th, 1848 (at the age of nineteen),
he recieved his decorate in botany.

Ferdinand family:
Dad - Issak Cohn
Mum - Rachel Cohn
Brother - Oscar Cohn
Brother - Max Conrad Cohn
Wife - Pauline Reichenbach Cohn

Ferdinand Julius Cohn

Ferinand J Cohn, German biologist, was one of the founder of modern bacteriology and microbiology.
Ferinand J Cohn did lots of reaserch, inventions and discoveries.
Timeline Of Main Events
1828 - 1842
1828 - Born
1846 - Went To Berlin
1849 - 1898
1849 - He Returned To The University Of Breslau (Studied As Teacher And Researcher)
1832 - Started School
1835 - Started Highschool
1842 - Started University
1846 - (19 years old) Recieved Doctorate In Botany (Plant Physiology)
1898 - Died
Where and when was he born?
'Ferdinand Julius Cohn was born in
German Jewish ghetto of Breslau,
Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland), on
January 24, 1828'.
Family History
Ferdinand J Cohn studied microscopic algae and fungi. He also studied bacterias. Including one called Vibrionia. Ferdinand also discovered bits and pieces about animals and nature. Ferdinand discovered and studied lots more.
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