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The Martian

No description

Justin Mendonca

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of The Martian

Rising Action
The Martian
by:Andy Weir

The Rising Action
The rising action of the novel The Martian occurs when Mark Watney gets stranded on Mars and is forced to survive with minimal supplies.The rising action continues when he is desperatly running out of food and NASA use a lot of money that they were supposed to use on other projects just to send Mark the supplies and food he desperately needs. While traveling in space the shuttle that was built to send him food and other supplies explodes and the plan that was formed to save their astronaut is ruined."US destroyer Stockton reports debris falling from sky.Sources match last known location of Iris".(the food shuttle)(191) So now with no food or shuttle coming Mark must use all of his skills and knowledge to be able to survive .This is the rising action because it creates suspense and made me want to know what he will do next and if he will be able to survive.Also the actions that Mark takes in order to survive lead up to the climax.
The Climax
The Climax in The Martian takes place when pathfinder, the communication device that Mark was using in order to talk to NASA has one of it's wires fried and loses it's capability to transmit messages over such extreme distances.This occurred when Mark was working on the rover to prepare it for his final trip on mars to the Ares 4 site when he set a drill he was using very close to Pathfinder without noticing and the wires from the drill touched Pathfinder.Since the drill was so much more powerful than Pathfinder the amount of electicity it transmitted when the wires touched was enough to cause the wires of Pathfinder to fry."Power traveled from the drill line's positive lead,through the work bench...and out the negative lead of Pathfinder's power line"(228) This is the climax because it forced Mark Watney to finish the modifications to the rover and go on a 3200 kilometer journey without the help of NASA.Also this is the climax in the novel because it is the most exciting part of the novel and causes Mark to change his ways in order to get to his destination.
Falling Action
The falling action in the novel the Martian by is when the rest of the Ares 3 crew members are asked to to turn around to go back and pick up Mark Watney.The crew was sent a message telling them that Mark was still alive and that he was surviving on Mars.The crew were then told that they could either come back home and leave Mark or turn completely around and go back and get him.In an anonymous vote the crew decided to go back and get him. This was a very dangerous move because it forced them to spend more than 500 days in space."You volunteered to extend the mission five hundred and thirty three more days"(249) They were forced to leave their families and friends and turn around to save their last crew member.Also they had to recieve a food shuttle automatically which once again went wrong causing 2 of the crew members to go out of the spaceship and get the shuttle manually.This is the falling action because it comes after the climax and is the solution to the main problem that occurs in the story.
Main Characters
In the novel The Martian by Andy Weir published in 2011, Botanist Mark Watney and his crew are on a two month Ares 3 mission to mars that is supposed to return at the end of that year. Soon after they arrive they are forced to abandon the mission due to a terrible storm that is on Mars. All of the crew members make it back to the spaceship except Mark because he was hit by a flying object. The crew thinks that he is dead and the commander makes the decision to leave Mark on Mars. When he wakes up he finds that he is all by himself on a deserted planet and has no way of contacting NASA to tell them that he is still alive. Mark must use his survival skills and botanical knowledge in order to survive.Meanwhile back on Earth after NASA learned from satellite pictures that Mark is still alive, they use every possible resource to find a way to bring him home.Later on both NASA and Mark remember about Pathfinder, a communication device that has not been used for several years. When Mark is able to locate Pathfinder and get in communication with NASA he is told that he must travel 3200 km to the Ares 4 landing site to have any hope of coming back to Earth. As the rest of the Ares 3 crew members learn about the plan to save Mark by turning around and going back for him, they must make a life threatening decision as to whether to go or not. When the time comes for the crew to get back their botanist, the whole world is silently watching as Mark Watney is reunited with his crew for the first time in one and a half years.
Mark Watney:A botanist who works for NASA and who is part of the Ares 3 mission crew and later on is stuck on Mars for almost 2 years
Mellisa Lewis:the Commander for the Ares 3 mission who makes the decision to leave Mark on mars
Mindy Park:The intern at NASA who notices that Mark is still alive
Rich Purnell:The scientist that thinks the plan of how to rescue Mark
Teddy Sanders:Leader of all Ares missions
Chris Beck:Crew member that risks his life to save Mark and bring him into the spaceship
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