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Augmented Reality Application for Developing Places by Using

No description

Nader Anwar

on 29 June 2014

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Transcript of Augmented Reality Application for Developing Places by Using

Application for ِِAnnouncing Places
(Video over IP)

Video Over IP
Problem definition


Problem definition
website design
Tools and Instruments
Cost of project
Project Outcome
future work
Time Plan

Thank You

Real-Time Protocol (TRP)

Real-Time control Protocol (RTCP)
Tools and Instruments
Prepared by

Nader Anwar & Reem Ali

Supervised by

Dr. Waleed Elnahal

Time Plan
Project Outcome
How to design website ?
Learning how to make interface between
IP Camera and Website
Learning programming language
Learning how to use local server and how to deal with it
Internet Website
Software tool
• Web developing software
• software to make local server
• Software upload video to website
• Camera supporting video over IP
(NEO Coolcam)

Announce about different sectors
For example:

Live streaming video
Our Website
NEO Coolcam
Pan/Tilt Pan 270, Tilt 120-suitable for all
kinds of places
Wifi module
IR night vision
Support VOIP
Future work
Create new adaptive coding techniques
Create Smart application for android and IOS
Cover all places that we put image for it in our website
Allow users to shown their event
Cost of project
IP Camera (NEO CoolCam)

800 L.E
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