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The Finnish cinema

No description

Inka Haapaniemi

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of The Finnish cinema

The Finnish cinema
1896-1920: Before independence
first screenings of films in 1896
first Finnish movie: Novelty from Helsinki: School youth at break
first Finnish film company: Atelier Apollo (1906) -> first Finnish feature film, The Moonshiners (1907)
first full-length Finnish feature film, (1913)
Lyyra-Filmi, first active feature film company -> in 1916 Russians forbid all filming activity
founded in 1919 under the name Suomen Filmikuvaamo
a Finnish film production and distribution company
played an important part in the shaping of Finnish cinema
1934–1939: The Golden Age
1933 Karu was kicked out from Suomi-Filmi -> Karu founded Suomen Filmiteollisuus
managed far better than previous attempts to compete with Suomi-Filmi -> SF had grown as significant as its rival
competitiveness lead to quality feature films -> Finnish film industry began to remind a national miniature of Hollywood

The collapsing of the Finnish cinema 1965–1975
lots of social change -> movies were not so great
at the end of the 60s movies were sold directly to TV distribution -> cinemas ratings dropped and cinemas disappeard
TV took all cinema viewers and in 1974 there were only two full-feature films
Spede Pasanen, Uuno Turhapuro

From the 1990s to present
economy was on a strong decline -> the beginning of the 90s did not look too good to the film industry
the situation flipped completely upside down in 1999 -> nearly 30 domestic movies premiered
war films and comedies are popular genres in Finland
Spede Pasanen (Uuno Turhapuro-series) and Timo Koivusalo (Pekko Aikamiespoika, Täällä Pohjantähden alla 1&2) are both commercially successful producers
between 1990-2015 two films have gained over 500 000 viewers: Pahat pojat (2002) and Luokkakokous (2015)
Aki Kaurismäki is the most successful Finnish director internationally
his film Mies vailla menneisyyttä won awards at the Cannes film festival and was nominated at the Oscars
Pitääkö mun kaikki kestää is a Finnish short film that was also nominated at the Oscars
Matti Pellonpää is the most successful Finnish actor internationally
he was awarded as the best European actor at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1993
Awards and events
the most significant film awards are given at the Jussi-gaala every year
they are given by Filmiaura ry
first Jussi-gaala was held in 1944

the most popular film event in Finland is Rakkautta ja Anarkiaa.
Finnish Film Foundation supports seven internationally significant film events such as
Rakkautta ja Anarkiaa
Espoo Cinê
Thank you!
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