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Calista Tools

No description

Maria McCool

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Calista Tools

The SUCCESS of an Appointment Consultation Service Execution Service Close Rebook and Request Referrals Educate 1. Ask questions
2. Listen intently
3. Repeat what you heard
4. Offer suggestions
5. Confirm what you are going to do 1. educate each step of the process
2. get to know your client
3. affirm the process
4. get to know your client
5. make future suggestions 1. blowdryer = educate
2. what products you used to style and why
3. what technique you are using to style
4. what are two other options
5. place products used in eye sight 1. when the next appointment would be
2. benefit of prebooking
3.. is there a family member in need of an apt.
4. request for referrals
5. options if they do not rebook
1. consultation recap
2. service recap
3. reducate
4. walk to front desk
5. be sure they have what they need Calista Tools Shampoo and Conditioner
1. Amplify and Refine for body - vitamins and minerals and tradmark ingredient ProElement that drives the minerals in quickly and deeper, perfect for fine and thin hair or anyone looking for more fullness and volume
2. Quench and Replenish for moisture - sulfate free with vitamins and minerals and tradmark ingredient ProElement that drives the minerals in quickly and deeper, perfect for color treated, curly, frizzy hair or anyone lacking moisture
3. Enrich and Smooth for dry, damaged hair - sulfate and parabin free with vitamins, minerals and argan oil, natures most potent source of vitamin E, perfect for chemically treated, dry and damaged hair or anyone who enjoys a daily luxurious shampoo and conditioner
4. Shine Remedy - intensive, repairative treatment with extensive shine delivery Calista Tools Wet Styling Products
1. Intensify Styling Foam - Lightweight volumizing foam than gives the hair movement, fullness and shine
2. Acitvate Spray - gives slip to the hair to cativate added wave pattern to the hair
3. Form Gel - style hold gel that is not stiff and or sticky, will not dry wet
4. Reclaim - Argan serum that pentrates the hair with ot laying on top, no heaviness, air wllbe shiny, soft and smooth
5. Achieve 10 - Argan cream that provides 10 benefits in one styling product Calista Tools Dry Styling
1. Embellish Texturizing Definer - to use on dry hair to add texture, fullness, definition, the fibrous formula adheres to the hair making the hair pliable so you can get it to do what you want it to do Calista Tools Sprays
1. Complete Pump Hairspray - great hold, great setting spray
2. Fix2 High Speed Hold Spray - Great hold spray plus 2...use for root lift and expanding body in the hair
3. Freshen Up - dry shampoo The Only TIME You
will find SUCCESS before WORK is in the Dictionary Go BEYOND your clients expectations he/she expects a good haircut, proper customer service, in a clean environment...be comitted....

Give them a great haircut, excellent customer service, an impecably clean area and the ability for them to look great everyday
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