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Should female construction workers earn the same wages as me

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renee cochran

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Should female construction workers earn the same wages as me

Referring back to the White House issue, the managers of certain departments have decided as a whole to continue to pay women at a lower wage. By doing this they are trying not start a domino effect that could alter the society we know today.
The President of The United Sates of America of all people, agrees with keeping women's wages low because of the domino effect that could take place and ultimately be catastrophic to the society we know today.
Going back to the statistic on the percentage of wages weekly, this is based of off the wages women earn now in their "frilly" jobs. So in no way does it contribute to what women would earn if they did work the same jobs as men.
The war between men and women about the wage difference would continue and possibly get more violent if there was no change in the near future.
If the wages were not raised it could possibly lead to a total strike of women not working because of the unfairness they are receiving. The idea is far fetched, but if people are faced with no change they could have no other choice but to rebel.
If women were to retaliate and leave their jobs, ultimately men would have to assume the position of the women and still work their own jobs. Making that even furthur against modern tradition.
By women earning the same as men it reduces of the chance of women protestors for their wage change. For example in 2013 women protested outside of Macy's in order to secure their wage increase to match those of men.
If women were to earn the same wages as men it would avoid the persistence women show in order to be on the same level as men. For example in the early months of 2014 women that worked in the white house insisted that, instead of their mere 87 cent to the man's dollar wage they earned, they earn the same, causing problems in a place where the word problem can cause chaos.
Lastly media debate can be strictly avoided if women were to earn the same as men. Annual polls are taken on this topic than discussed in a heated manner making society forget their composure and civility. By raising the wages of women this can be avoided.
The change in wages could lead to an economic downfall. The economy is so used to women working lower than men that if they were to earn more it would be the end of our economy.
If the wages were to be raised then the men might have an outcry of how untraditional it is to have women earning the same as men. Then society would have to deal with the protest of men instead of women.
The media would suffer from more public debate due to the change. Whether or not the change happens the public will always have a say in what happens.
Both sides have good points. But ultimately it is unfair how women earn lesser wages than men. No matter the job each gender holds, or whether the strength and diligence a certain gender may have in carrying out that job, what's fair is fair. Just the idea of raising women's wages could possibly start chaos, but would more than likely be a domino effect for the better.
Should female construction workers earn the same wages as men?
By: Grecia Gonzalez & Renee Cochran

This is a much discussed topic that has given both sides much room for speculation. The pro's and con's have varied to a degree but three have stuck out on each side making this debate a never-ending twist of events.
Many believe that, women who are capable of working in the same conditions as construction working men, should earn the same wages as men. It is only fair, but, according to statistics, to every man's dollar a woman earns 77 cents. That screams unfair and uncalled for in general. The pro's and cons of women earning the same wages are as shown...
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On the other hand wage earnings can compared by how well the person performs regardless of gender. Women in today's society generally have "safer and womanly" jobs. That is why the statistics show that on a weekly basis women earn 81% of what men earn.
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