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No description

Merchus Castro

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln What kind of education did Lincoln's parents have?? Lincoln´s career... What do you admire more about Lincoln? Why? Lincoln loved to read, he read “the life of Washington”, that was a very important book in lincoln’s life. He also read books of law (he became a lawyer) and more subjects.
Abraham Lincoln The last job he had was in 1860,
he was the US Presidency, but he also was a lawyer and he won a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives. At first, he seat for the Illinois House, he lost.

But he try again and he won (1863).

He think slavery was wrong.

He married, Mary Todd in 1842, they have four kids, but only one of them lived to be an adult (Robert Todd Lincoln) What we admire the most from Abraham Lincoln, is how he continue forward in spite (a pesar) of the death of their children Guadalupe Barreiro,Mercedes Castro and Catalina Perez Torti Our purpose of reading this text is to learn about Abraham Lincoln and U.S history He was born on February 12, 1809 on a farm in Kentucky Father: Thomas Lincoln carpenter and farmer, he never received any formal education
Mother: Nancy Hanks came from a poor Virginia family, she never went to school and she never learned to write We hope you enjoyed!!! Catalina Perez Torti, Mercedes Castro y Guadalupe Barreiro What important job did he finally get?
Lincoln : didn't have much formal education he go to school less than one year. Why was reading so important to Lincoln's life???How did it help him to become a leader??
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