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Inventor of the yoyo

No description

Jonathan Cadavida

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Inventor of the yoyo

My Inventor Pedro Flores Yo-yo What`s trivia for today Famous Inventor and Invention in the Philippines Inventor's life..... The word yo-yo is a Tagalog word,the native language of the Philippines.
It means come back. Outline Inventor's biography Famous invention that he invented. Trivia on the invention Pedro Flores was born on March 9, 1894 in Vintarilocos Norte, Philippines
It`s round
It doesn't weigh much
It has a long string
You put the string around your finger
It goes up and down
People do tricks with it Description How long did it take to invent the Yoyo It took him 3 weeks to design & make the yoyo. Additional Details Pedro Flores never completed his law degree In Fact, he began his yo-yo business while he working as a bellboy. Flores started his Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company in 1928 in Santa Barbara. about the inventor as How did it take to invent the invention.
Different types of yoyo Additional Deatails In 1915, Pedro Flores immigrated to the United State
Later, he studied of law at the University of California Berkeley
Then; he went to Hastings College of Law in San Francisco. Education Died on July 14, 1979 at 85 yrs old. Thank you for your attention second oldest toy in the History large with sharp edges What was yoyo made before? His Family Why it doesn't have anything information? attached to thick twenty-foot ropes for throwing at enemies or prey. studs Pedro Juan
Flores Córdova Parents Spouse&children ------------
------------ Yo-yo
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