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The Banana tree

No description

gianna jason

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of The Banana tree

imagery- rich sensory details.
example- "floating leaves, sticks, coconut husks, dead ratbats, and all manner of featherd creatures and refuse surrounded him."
figurative language- languge that uses words and expressions. example- " the bones of the tree's stalky leaves were broken,"
personification- animal, object, or phennomenon that has been described in a human way. example- the banana tree was thought of as a human.
Dialect- a form of language spoken in a particular languge.-" Wha' mek you say nothin'? I sure somet'ing bodder you, Gustus. You not a bwoy who frighten easy."
Questions 1-7
1) The author uses sensory details brcause he uses a lot of imagery in the beginning. I think he uses a lot of imagery at the begining because he won't use a lot at the end or middle.
2) he uses dialect at the end of the paragraph because it is what Gustus was thinking inside his head.
3) The banana tree is so important to Gustus because he believes that it gives him joy in life, so if he did not have this banana tree his life will basically be "depressing".
Questions 1-7 cont.
Repress- If you repress something, you hold it back or try to stop it from happening.
mock- To mock someone is to treat them with corn or contempt.
grimace- If you grimace, you twist your face in an unattractive way because you are unhappy. disgusted, or in pain.
venture- A venture is a dangerous, daring, or poorly planned task or activity.
bore- If you say a person bore something, you mean they carried it or had it on them; it is visible in some way.
footnotes cont.
navel string- a term for the umbilical cord
umbilical cord- The cord through which an unborn baby receives nourishment from its mother; a person's navel is the place where the cord was attached.
Nana midwife- A women who helps other women give birth and cares for newborn children.
jalousie- A window or blind or shutter with adjustable thin slates.
festered- infected and irritated; diseased
About the author
James Berry
settled in England in 1940
born in 1924
awards: Nestlé Smarties Book Prize
nomination: Coretta Scott King Award for Authors
The Banana tree
By: Gianna Jason

In Jamaica A boy named Gutus who believes that the banana tree that he has watched over ever since he was little, gives him joy in life, is going to be in danger. Suddenly a hurricane hits and Gustus goes out of his way to save his banana tree. Most of the people have to shelter in the school, they are forced to sing songs to help to comfort themselves.
4) He was really made that the hurricane came. so he was yelling at the wind and saying that the wind almost got him that time and took away his banana tree.
5) This shows that Gustus is determined and that he will do anything to save his banana tree.
6) in the text the author says " "My nable string!" he cried he is giving the banana tree a person like place becaus the banana tree is basically acting like Gustuss best friend. Also in the text it says " I know you would stan' up to it i know you would!" also the banana tree is acting like Gustus' best freind.
judgment day- A religious term for the end of the world.
toothbrush mustache-A small rectangular unshaven area of hair on a mans upper lip.
last milk- The last milk taken from milking a cow; this milk is usually the richest in nutrients and taste.
vex- dialect for vexed, meaning "annoyed"
cricket- An English sport similar to to baseball.
Questions 1-7 cont. cont.
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