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French Revolution: The Bastille

Bastille research project for french

Ricky Bobby

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of French Revolution: The Bastille

Torture The Bastille was used as a torture prison. Some
reasons for torture could range from being a serial
killer to just taking someone's cheese. General Information The Bastille was built in the 1370's-80's by Charles V of France.
It went through events such as the Hundred Years War, Wars of Religion, Fronde, and the French revolution.
During the hundred years war, this was built as a fort to defend approach from the east.
The current condition is that it is destroyed and stone frame still is remaining at the foot of it.
Louis XIV used it to hold upper class prisoners that hod opposed or angered him. Bastille Day On July 14, 1789, citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille because King Louis sent troops to watch over them and they revolted, so they went in to get guns and gunpowder. The chief guard, Benard de Lonais, tried to stop the people and was attacked, killed, decapitated, and had his head mounted on a stick. This was the first death in the French Revolution. Following this, all citizens helped tear apart the Bastille brick-by-brick and sold most of them as a symbol of the revolution. In September, 1880, Bastille day was declared a national holiday. French Revolution: The Bastille By: yours truly Citation "Bastille." Wikipedia.wikimedia foundation,20 Jan.2013.web.24 Jan.2013
Powell,John.The 18th Century,1701-1800.Pasedena, Calif:Salem,2006.Print
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