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Arctic Lowlands

No description

Ashley Baldwin

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Arctic Lowlands

Arctic Lowlands Location Age Physical Features Climate The Arctic Lowlands are located between the Canadian Shield and Innuition Regions in the far North of Canada, to be specific 60 degrees above N Latitude. Geologists estimate that the Arctic Lowlands age is between 4.5 and 540 million years. The Arctic Lowlands are made up of many small islands. There are many bumpy plains, and rounded hills that are still forming. It is covered with permafrost, which is land that stays frozen all year. Arctic ocean covers up the Arctic Lowlands. It is made up of mostly sediment rock. It's about 15°C in the summer and around -45°C in the winter. Vegetation There is very little vegetation, it is considered a barren land. Population There is no definite population for this region. How Was It Formed? The Arctic Lowlands were formed at the end of the last ice age, the enormous weight of the glacier sunk the Canadian Shield, creating the new land form. by Ashley Baldwn
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