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Learn about the ACT Government grant program that fosters Innovation in Canberra. See http://www.business.act.gov.au/grants-and-assistance/grants/innovation-connect for how to apply.

Innovation Connect

on 28 May 2015

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Brain at work
Access $250,000 in further investment

Access $63,000 in further government grant funding

Almost double their FTE numbers
* On average after 3.4 years
Promoting Innovation with
Global Growth Potential!
Brilliant, connected people

Disruptive technologies

Products that play to Canberra's Strengths
Supporting the CBR pipeline of new businesses with;
Get off the Ground!
your operations are based in Canberra

your annual turnover is less than $2 million

you have an ABN
Up to $10,000* for overcoming hurdles to Accelerating Innovation
Up to $50,000* for new ideas for small CBR companies
Sharpens your Business Plan

Improves your pitching skills

Links you to the CBR Innovation ecosystem

Validates your concept for future investment
An Evaluation Process that
And Keep on Flying!
You are Eligible if
Evaluation is based on
How innovative your product is

Your business' growth potential

The favourable impact stated growth will have on CBR's economic development

You and your business' capacity to deliver stated growth

How well your proposed project will prove the feasibility of your concept
Success Stories
Enabled Employment

Gamma Vaccines

Nexus e-Water

Eco Spectral

Smart ward



Reposit Power

Red Robot
Innovation Connect
Client Managers

Brent Chick - 02 6207 7215

David Williamson - 02 6207 5816

Video Courtesy Jani Sega - Innovation Connect Grant Recipient
Click on Video to start
Since 2008 Innovation Connect has helped over 130 ACT start-ups to*
Growing CBR Businesses
Growing the CBR Smart Economy
Since 2008 Innovation Connect funding of $3.9 million has leveraged into the Canberra economy...
$7.6 Million in other Government grants

$30 million in private investment

149 Extra Jobs
Do you have a business idea?
* Funding must be matched by applicant
* Funding must be matched by applicant
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