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Lighting Design Methodology

Lighting design presentation of the spazio lighting design studio, Cape Town - South Africa

george gower

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Lighting Design Methodology

spazio lighting design studio concept design Phase 1: CONCEPT DESIGN - clearly understand the clients’ ideas, goals and concepts with clarity.

Identify the key decision maker early in order to be efficient with our proposals.

Therefore we are able to gather all our information and ideas into a lighting design that best expresses the intent of the project and celebrates the architectural concept. 01. Orientation for the project and familiarization building plans (initial meeting with the client and concept discussion). 02. Survey of the lighting environment at the project site. (Site visit if possible with photographic documentation) 03. Case studies, investigating existing projects of a similar nature. (Create a folder with existing installation & inspiration images). 04. Conceptual drawings and models of light. (Basic geometric sketch up models for 3D views or plan view concept sketching.) DESIGN DEVLOPMENT PRODUCTION DESIGN CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION Phase 2: DESIGN DEVLOPMENT - Concepts are taken and are tested, lighting effects are approved. 05. Models and simulations for detailed study. (DIALux model developed just furniture) 06. Outline designs and schemes of the lighting techniques. (Key performance lighting areas) 07. Outline layouts and performance specifications of the lighting fixtures. (Compile specification documentation) 08. Outline plans of control systems, operations and schedule. (Distribution boards, switching and looping if needed). 09. Calculation of physical data such as design illuminance. (Calculation of model) 10. Outline cost estimations. (Basic quote) Phase 3: PRODUCTION DESIGN - Various possibilities discussed during the preceding phases are further studied in details to investigate their feasibility. 11. Models for detailed study of the lighting effects. 12. Final layouts and performance specifications of the lighting fixtures. 13. Design drawing and draft layouts of special lighting fixtures. 14. Materials for cost estimation, and illuminance calculations. Phase 4: CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION - We are able to assist in the coordination and supervision of the construction work to confirm that the work is in accordance with the design plans 15. Drawings prepared by manufacturers for production of the lighting fixtures are approved. 16. Quality tests of the lighting fixtures. On site execution inspection of the fixtures. 17. Examination of lighting effects at the site or by using a mock-up model. 18. Final adjustment and focusing of the lighting immediately before completion. 19. Measurement and recording project to add to portfolio.
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