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lib hist

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Kory

Religion and Race
Delaware Religion
Brief History of Delaware
The Delaware river was discovered by a Dutch man named Henry Hudson in 1609. It was then researched thoroughly by Cornelius Hendrikson, a large influence to the Dutch West India company's incorporation, 6-7 years later in 1615-1616. The first settlement in Delaware was then founded under the guidance of the West India company in 1638. The Delaware colony was named after Sir Thomas West(Lord De La Warr). He was the Virginia Company's 1ST governor.

The colony was governed as a proprietary colony. Our first African was brought from the Caribbean.The Dutch defeated the Swedish in battle. This caused the new Sweden colony to end. In 1664, the colony became a part of New Netherland.
Travel Purposes
Rural environment
VISIT US!!!! :)
Our summers are warm and our winters are cool. We have flat lowland along the Atlantic coastal plain.
Business in Delaware
Delaware is known for it's rich soil and thriving forest so they can grow and trade crops. They can also manufacture products of iron ore and lumber.
Kory Connor
Reasons Why Delaware was Founded

There were two main reasons for Delaware being founded. Those reasons were agriculture and trade. Since the soil was fertile, the crops were bountiful. They also had access to lust forests to manufacture lumber.~fp
Peter Minuit was the leader and founder of Delaware. He ruled Delaware from 1638 to 1664.~fp
Delaware has many religions like;

* Jewish
*Any protestant religion
Delaware residents have 5 to 15 acres of land to fit a house, barn, field and yard.
google images-protestant church pulpit
Aside from the slaves, the main population is British.
OUR land is IDEAL for farming and agriculture.
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