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Competitive Analysis

No description

adva nagler

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Competitive Analysis

Selected competitors:
1. Wix
2. Jimdo
3. Webs
4. Weebly
In each site the verity of designs, the quality of designs and the flexibility for modifications were tested.
the quality of designs were tested VS the ease of use of the design.
top 2 were in this category were: Wix and SquerSpace.

Competitive analysis methodology.
Four competitors were compared based on popularity and websites powered by each website builder.
Four parameters were examined.
Examination was performed by creating a website in each website builder.
The results are presented in a grading matrix for each parameter.
against the World!
Competitive Analysis
1. Competitive analysis methodologies.

2. competitors.

3. Analysis parameters.

4. Findings and Conclusions.

parameters for comparison
1. Designs
2. Easy of use (UI)
3. E-commerce
4. SEO and Analysis
5. Support

verity and quantity of designs
The main disadvantage:
Once you choose template you're ristricted to the specific design without the option to easily modify it.

There is no doubt that this site builder Contains phenomenal designs with options of custom logo design in a very high level. Major disadvantage: relatively small variety of designs.
*size of the bubble registered users
The use of an Online store in a site is popular and necessary. It appears that Wix inferior to other sites builders . Although there are option to choose a tool from Wix app market, The other competitors offer a built in tools for your Online store.
SquerSpace score:9
weebly, score: 8
Ease of use:
No doubt easy to use categories Wix is a leader. The options of drag and drop , the examples given throughout the videos and explanations give Wix an advantage . Still the templates are not fully comply with responsive feature to mobile.therefore the user wiil have to maintain two sites.
SEO and Analysis:
The importance of SEO and analysis tools is critical for choosing a web site builder. the costumer is looking for:
control over page titles
meta descriptions
custom URL

Building a website independently requires a strong support system.
Its seems that the help center of Wix gives you variety answers in clearly way. However using 24-7 chat can be very helpful.
Wix is one of the leading website builder. Its distinct

embedded designs,
the use of multiple languages ​,
using HTML5,
and outstanding support center all of that provides Wix the lead in the category and the amount of users.
All of the above gives advantege and differentiation against other competitors.
points to consider
, it seems that competitors are not left behind. some of them also have a unique designs, and other benefits in the area of the e-commerce where Wix is weaker .
In accordance with the strategy of the company. Wix need to understand how to create an advantage over compatitors by differentiating and improving their core points.
Adva Nagler

Designs---easy to use
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