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Pop Art: Andy Warhol

Digital Photography I

K Soliman

on 8 February 2017

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Transcript of Pop Art: Andy Warhol

Pop Art
History in Design
Pop Art is an art movement that emerged in the late 1950’s
Andy Warhol
Richard Hamilton
Roy Lichtenstein
Andy Warhol was known as a figure of pop art movement. Most of his art works are based on the relationship between celebrity culture, artistic expression and advertisements that grew by the 1960's.

Andy Warhol contributed to pop art movement as he would often look at the world and ask himself "what matters now?" Which lead to his famous work of Marilyn Monroe and the Campbell Soup product.
Andy Warhol
"Michael Jackson"
"Marilyn Monroe"
"Marilyn Monroe"
Andy Warhol
In Warhol's work "Marilyn Monroe, he uses photo stencils in his screenprinting of Marilyn Monroes picture, The screen is prepared using a photographic process, and then different color inks are printed using a rubber squeegee to press the paint onto the painting through the screen.

In "Marilyn Monroe" he uses colour, form, contrast and line to outline the features of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.
What is Pop Art?
3 designers involved in the movement
Pop Art Philosphy
Pop Art is based on the pop culture of today's society.
"John Lennon"
"John Lennon"
Andy Warhol
In Warhol's "John Lennon" painting he uses screen printing to produce the portrait of John Lennon.
"Michael Jackson"
Andy Warhol
Also, in "Michael Jackson", Andy Warhol uses the screen printing techinque again to produce this portrait of Michael Jackson.

Andy Warhol has used a range of tone, contrast, lines, colour and texture in this painting.
Famous Andy Warhol
Screen Printing
How has Pop Art influenced design today?
Pop art emphasizes the popular things in our life. Early pop art in Britain was ideas of American popular culture seen by Britain. Where as American artists were inspired by living and experiencing within the culture
Most artworks will feature celebrity culture, consumer culture of the 1950-60's
Also Andy Warhol, a famous pop artist says that pop art would be images that people would easily recognise. Such as famous brand logos, famous people etc...
A method of art making that allows an image to be repeated "printed" over and over again
Because pop art has a lot of colour use. It is often today used on clothing, scultures and furniture. Some of the known artworks have been printed on today's fashion clothing for a retro look.Also pop art still exist today in advertising, packaging and other marketing techniques as the pop art movement had made a heavy impact on advertising and packaging.
Pop art arose from a rebellion against Abstract Expressionists, that was considered by the Pop Art artists as pretentious and over-intense.
Early in his career, Andy Warhol
illustrated books for children.
Andy had a great imagination,
his cats were blue or red.
Children loved them.
A little later, Andy Warhol started as
a commercial artist creating shoe ads.
In 1960, Andy produced his first hand-painted pictures
based on comic-strip figures, including Batman, Dick Tracy, Popeye and Superman.
Andy Warhol was one of the first artists to understand the importance of the mass media. He painted everyday images of things that usually are not considered art and used saturated colors: reds,blues,yellows. Warhol made paintings using images such as Coca Cola bottles, dollar symbols, and popular cleaning products
One of Warhol’s first exhibits was in nineteen sixty-two. He created thirty-two paintings of red and white soup cans. These paintings shook the art world. The soup cans looked like the soup produced by one of America’s most popular food companies, Campbell’s. Every painting looked the same except for the words written on the can that described the different kinds of soup.
Warhol explored many other subjects, he made a series of paintings on death and disasters.
Andy Warhol was known to say...
and now you will
because you will be creating
your own Pop Self-Portrait!!
Contemporary Pop Artists
Edie Nadelhaft
Perry Milou
Sandra Chevrier
Monday You're
Taking Headshots
of Yourself
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