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if i stay

No description

Bella Blake

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of if i stay

Bella Blake
Mia Hall
: shy, young 17 year old female who is skilled at playing the cello
Adam Wilde
: Mia's boyfriend, handsome, guitar player in his band "Shooting Star"
Kim Schein
: a "dark", sarcastic girl, Mia's best friend, long brown hair
Teddy Hall
: Mia's younger brother, she loves dearly, blonde curly hair, intelligent
Kat Hall
: the mother of Mia and Teddy, "tough as nails", loving and loyal
Denny Hall
: a former band artist, unique personality and style, English teacher.
Title: "If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman
Number of Pages: 234

A family of four, consisting of a mother, father, daughter, and son began what they believed to be a normal snowy day. They were cheerful and happy to be living in Ohio. Since they had a day off of school they decided to go to their grandparents for lunch. However, they had no idea what was of their future. While the Hall family was driving on the ice covered streets, they were hit by large truck and three of the four of them were killed by the accident. Mia, who is a 17 year old girl was the only survivor; although she went into a deep coma. During her coma, Mia had to decide whether she would stay or leave, meaning die or continue to fight to live. She had a plethora of flashbacks re-living the happy memories she had spent on earth which helped her make the most difficult decision of her life. The author lead me to believe that Mia did stay and continue to live her life as an orphan.

Mia had to decide to if she would let go and be with her family in afterlife or stay on earth and be with Adam

It was resolved...
many flashbacks later when the author led the reader to believe that Mia STAYED
last sentence of the book is "Mia?" which was spoken by her boyfriend Adam after she had woken from her coma. This led the reader to question the ending of the book. Did she stay or go?..
The themes are..
love beats pain
love will last through the most difficult circumstances in life
If someone is loved, it is possible for them to overcome anything
enjoy tragic, romantic novels
books that play with your emotions
are sentimental or fond of realistic fiction books
read and loved "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green
Readers who..
would also enjoy this novel!
Main Events
the hall family got in a car wreck and there are 3 deaths
Mia, who is the only one that survived got rushed to the hospital because she was in critical condition
she realized that she could see everything that was going on through her "invisible body"
her family members visited her
she remembered memories that happened through her life
her boyfriend Adam and friend Kim snuck in to see her
she decided to stay
Fav Parts
when Kim and Mia became best friends (they had a fight)
the memory where the Hall family had a Memorial Day cookout. Mia, her dad and boyfriend all played their instruments together.
the book "If I Stay" by John Green
most answers came from my knowledge
clip art from prezi
picture of book-
Characters in Depth:
How do they change throughout the book?

Kim and Adam learned to like each other
Teddy, Kat, and Denny were no longer in the book because they died
Adam realized how important love is
Denny stopped playing in his band and changed his career to an english teacher
How do they deal with conflicts?

Adam and Kim had to work together to solve problems (even though they did not care for each other)
Adam did everything he could to visit Mia in the hospital so he could convince her to stay
Mia was overwhelmed with everything and had to rely on herself to make decisions

Oh, won't you stay with me?!
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