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Copy of Ramponi et al.

No description

Mohammad Fakhry

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ramponi et al.

et al.
2004 To fine out whether age affects the
ability to process information 96 participants
Half aged 72, the other half age 24
Showed all participants a series of word pairs one at a time
Some pairs were strongly associated whilst others were only weakly associated
Particiapnts were then asked questions
A distracter task was carried out and then they were given a word and asked to recall the other word from the pair
Or had to think of the first word that came to mind when told a word from one of the pairs Older participants recalled fewer words when:
- recall was incidental
- there was a weak association between words
However no noticable difference was found when:
- the words were strongly associated
- or for deeper levels of processing Aim Procedure Results Evaluation Under lab conditions in an artificial study therefore
not ecologically valid
Many controls were used to ensure word pairs were standardised and questions at each level balanced
Cannot be sure participants did not use alternative memory strategies to memorise the word pairs
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