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London Sightseeing

Short presentation about some interesting places in London


on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of London Sightseeing

London Attractions
Elizabeth Tower
called Voice of Britain
96m high
Big Ben 13,5t
- 135 meters high

- You can look far to 40 km.

- Its 32 capsules are symbolic
of the 32 boroughs of London
London Eye
Tower of London
Opened 1859
Marie Tussauds
1802/ 1835

Royality, Hollywood,
World Leaders, ...

more locations are all over the world
Tower Bridge
Westminster Abbey
69m high
Opened 1090
- Road bridge over the Thames River
- Total length:244 meters

London boroughs:
– north side: Tower Hamlets
– south side: Southwark
built in 11th century by William the Conqueror

hosts the crown jewels of the United Kingdom

World Heritage Site
Her Majesty’s Royal Palace
and Fortress the Tower of London
775 rooms
official residence of the royal family
workplace of the British monarch
Queen's House founded 1703 AD
Queen Victoria 1837 AD
1 Introduction
2 Buckingham Palace
3 Westminster Abbey
4 Tower of London
5 Tower Bridge
6 Big Ben
7 London Eye
8 Madame Tussauds

crown kings and queens
prison & royal residence -> attraction

32 Boroughs
8,3 million inhabitantts
1.500 km²
15 m asl
founded 43 AD
Palace of Westminster
Centrum King Harald II
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