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Driving Realtor Business

No description

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Driving Realtor Business

Driving Realtor Business
from transactional to relational
Purpose-driven business
Turning relationships from transactional to relational
Database - the lifeblood of your business
The all-important Social Media
Content Development
Current & Prospective
Complete & Accurate
Your database is the engine that powers your marketing.
Database Development
Review past transactions and add both realtors.
Go through old printed materials, business cards
Request contact info from existing relationships
Habitually add contact info for both Realtors on new transactions
Research info from search and websites
Mine contact data from Social Media
Outlook Tips
Create Distribution Lists
Create Categories, Flags and Reminders
Insert Tracking-sheet in Notes
Create Rules to highlight and organize e-mail
Value Proposition
What value do I bring to the relationship?
What I do for you & your clients in a transaction?
Why I am different/better than my competition
Provide: the reason this matters to you is…

eMail Marketing
Targeted, permission-based
Regularly scheduled
Use templates
Personalize as much as possible
Social Media is NOT:
an advertising platform
Users are not an audience
Ad copy/flyers ≠ social content
Social Media IS:
Value-delivery channel & conversation platform
One more voice in the conversation
Opinion, conversation, information = social content
Key Concept: SOCIAL
Do a full privacy and security audit
Create Groups and segment Friends
Share and re-share relevant content
Watch for the life-events
Commit to engage your network
Move to analog asap
Complete and optimize for highest SEO
Customize for personalized URL
Join Groups and answer Questions
Give and Ask-for introductions
Dig into your network's network
Export your network to CVS for mining
Consider it an investment in your business
It is mission-critical to keep it current
and accurate.
Garbage in - Garbage Out
Marketing sites and resources
Social Media and Tech consulting
Business Development Rep.
And so much more

What step will you take next?
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