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Benefits of End-User Development

Information Systems

Jessica Becker

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Benefits of End-User Development

The Benefits of End-User Development Cost of Labor
Long Development Time
Slow Modification or Updates of Existing Systems
Work Overload Problems with Conventional Development How can End-User Development solve these problems? The cost of labor will decrease if users can develop their own systems instead of having to hire application developers. End-User development systems can skip the queue of systems waiting to be developed by the Information Systems organization, resulting in more rapidly developed systems Time Labor Modification or Updates When End-Users develop their own systems they are also responsible for maintaining and updating them as needed. Work Overload By allowing End-Users to develop their own systems, update and modify them, themselves it frees up the IS departments. End-User development- having users develope their own applications. Development Video
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