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Plant Cell

No description

Manny Jeffery

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell

Plant Cell Nucleus Nucleolus Ribosomes Endoplasmic
(Rough) Endoplasmic
(Smooth) Mitochondria CentralVacuole Cell Wall Chromatin
Material Chromosomes Cell Membrane Golgi Body Lysosomes Chloroplasts Cytoplasm By Sean and Manny Chromatic DNA Thousands of tiny organelles
Location: free floating or bound to E.R.
Function: Produce protein Large with inner folds
Location: In the cytoplasm near the cell membrane
Functions: Produces energy, Controls water levels, Recycles proteins, fats, and carbs Composed of DNA
Location: Inside the nucleus
Functions: Chromosomes are made of DNA that contain genetic information Liquid mostly made of water
Location: Throughout the cell
Functions: Suspends organelles and absorbs shock Small and vary in shape
Location: In the cytoplasm
Functions: Digests proteins, lipids, and carbs and send waste to cell membrane Large and green from chlorophyll
Location: In the cytoplasm (only in plants)
Functions: Carries out photosynthesis Endoplasmic Reticulum with Ribosomes attached
Location: Right next to the Nucleus
Function: To help the Ribosomes move towards making proteins E.R. that creates a larger surface area so more reactions to take place
Location: Close to the Rough E.R.
Function: transport chemicals between and within cells Pancake shaped
Location: In between the E.R. and Cell Membrane
Function: To sort the vesicle from the E.R., repackage them and then send them The outer section of the Nucleolus in which keeps the DNA and Chromatin Material
Location: Around the Nucleolus
Function: To protect the Nucleolus and DNA (as well as the Chromatin Material) Small ball surrounded by Chromatin Material

Location: Inside the Nucleus

Function: To create RNA In between the cell wall and the rest of the Cell on the inside

Location: Outside the Cytoplasm and right next to the Cell wall (Plants only)

Function: To prevent water and other items that the cell either doesn’t need or can’t break down Large membrane Compartment
Location: Right next to the Nucleus
Function: A warehouse for nutrients to be stored for a later date Square

Location: Outside of the Cell Membrane

Function: To create a base structure for the plant to build on and off of Our cell is a Eukaryote because it has a nucleus and multiple membrane-bound organelles. It is a plant cell because it has a cell wall for structure and chloroplasts for photosynthesis.
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