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Animal farm and its historic parallels

No description

Noel Harris

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Animal farm and its historic parallels

Animal Farm and Its Historic Parallels Chapter 1 Chapter 5 Old Major dies and Napoleon
and Snowball take control
(Vladimir Lenin takes over
Russia for the communist
party. When he dies Leon
Trotsky and Joseph Stalin take control) Napoleon Banishes Snowball
(Stalin expelled Trotsky) Chapter 2 Napoleon blames Snowball
for ruining the windmill (scapegoat)
(Stalin blamed Trotsky for Russia's sudden violence, fear, and starvation) Chapter 6 Napoleon kills all animals said to have been working with Snowball
(Stalin used Trotsky to get people killed by making people believe they were
working with him) Chapter 7 Boxer is sold and brought to his death
(loyal communist supporters of Stalin are betrayed, ignored, and killed) Chapter 9 Old Major gives a speech about his dream to rebel
(Karl Marx brought forth his idea of a utopia where everyone is equal)
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