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Teaching/Learning speaking skills through effective techniques using technology!

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on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Teaching/Learning speaking skills through effective techniques using technology!

Classification of Teaching Aids VoiceThread Voxopop Advantages of Using Teaching Aids Steps for the Development of Speaking Skill: 1. Projected and non-projected aids (Pictures, Photographs, Flash cards, Poster, Charts, Diagrams, Graphs, Maps, Cartoons).
2. Audio aids, visual aids, audio-visual aids and activity aids.
3. Hardware and software. Teaching/Learning speaking skills
through effective techniques
using technology! http://voicethread.com http://www.voxopop.com •Adds interest and involvement.
•Makes learning permanent.
•Reduces verbalism.
•Develops greater understanding.
•Stimulates self-activity.
•Fosters continuity of thought.
•Makes us teach efficiently.
•Helps in overcoming language barriers.
•Provides a great variety of methods.
•Brings the world into the class room. The Use of Computers in Teaching Speaking and Pronunciation Skills Why do we use computers?
Which activities can we do with? A student always needs...
* Experience real communicative situations.
* Express their own views and opinions.
* Develop their oral fluency and accuracy. Teachers should know that the learners need to do most of the talk to activate their speaking, since speaking skill requires practice and exposure. Classroom
interaction involves
the verbal exchanges
between learners
and teachers. •Place of articulation of sounds
•How sounds are produced
•Pronunciation exercises of individual sounds and sound sequences
•Visually presenting materials for conversation
•Picture stories – sequenced
•Picture stories – non-sequenced
•One word one meaning
•Many words one meaning
•Different types of interference and rectifications
•Use of idioms and phrases
•Use of voice modulations
•Culture attested gestures
•Group conversation
•Testing the speech development at every stage of training Enhancing the Skill of Speaking

Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching http://www2.nkfust.edu.tw/~emchen/CALL/unit6.htm

Updating the English Classroom with Techniques and Communication Skills http://www.languageinindia.com/feb2012/chandrikaeltbook.pdf Articulatory charts
Sample words utilizing the targeted sound
Minimal pairs/comparison words
Listening discrimination of minimal pairs within a sentence
Sample sentences with several words utilizing the targeted sound
Cloze exercises
Intonation, rhythm, stress, and timing
American English Pronunciation Practice http://www.manythings.org/pp/ Digital Tools in Developing Speaking Podcasting http://www.bbc.co.uk/ (BBC) Audio Mp3 files accessed from .html files
Podcasts distributed using “push” technology with RSS feeds (iTunes, MyYahoo.com, iGoogle.com) Avatars and virtual characters in making videos (www.voki.com, www.xtranormal.com ...etc.)
Screencasts (www.jing.com)
Powerpoint slides with audio enhancements (www.microsoft.com)
Video Doodling (www.voicethread.com)
Telephone podcasts (www.gcast.com)
Servers providing learner generated podcasting (www.podomatic.com). •Reading aloud.
•Oral diary; oral weekly report.
•Oral book report.
•Students give their thoughts on topic assigned by teacher.
•Group presentations on a completed project.
•Picture description.
•Story telling (Chained).
•Creating riddles.
•Role play or dramatic monoloques.
•Radio drama.
•Jazz chants.
•http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/speak-and-spell Some Activities 10-Q!!!
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