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Remembering Bartholomew

No description

Alex Jurado

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Remembering Bartholomew

Water nurtures life. It is needed in order to survive. Education is also needed and it was my pleasure to have virtually meet someone who was bettering themselves through education. I know his mark on the world will continue. Bartholomew Dougherty Bartholomew was a well traveled man, he lived in Paris, Berlin, and Los Angeles. He was well versed and so cultural. Hes love of different genres of music tells me that he was open and understanding person. Bart also had a talent for fashion. He even has a few jackets he being sold in number of boutiques. He has accomplish so much in his short lifetime. Although I am not talented in fashion he has inspired me to become more productive with my life. By Alex Jurado Bartholomew seemed to have many great characteristics just like tree. A tree is made up of different size branches and different shape leaves. It gives us shade and provides color to our grey world. Tree roots anchor the tree in the soil, keeping it straight and stable. I believe Bart was an anchor for many people. After reading his obit you can tell he was a very loved man who touch so many lives. Bartholomew Dougherty May he rest in your hearts.
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