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Cyrano De Bergerac

No description

Jane Skamser

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano De Bergerac ACT 1 Hotel D'Bergeron ACT 2
Ragueneau's Bakery ACT 3 Roxane's House ACT 4 Battle Camp ACT 5 Convent Poet's pay for
food with
poems. Cyrano and
Roxane were
childhood friends. Christian
(Roxane likes him
and he's attractive) Cyrano promises
Roxane the he won't
kill Christian. Roxane says she
see's peoples' souls
through their
eyes. Lingiere wrote a song about de guiche, so he sent 100 men to kill him. Cyrano killed the
men and saved lingiere. In his past, Ragueneau
attempted to kill
himself, but Cyrano cut
him down. De guiche
becomes colonel. Christian can only say
"i love you" over and over
to Roxane.(she wants him
to elaborate.) Cyrano saves Christian
from ending things with Roxane
by pretending to be him on the balcony
and say poetry to her. Roxane offers a kiss
to Christian. Roxane and
Christian get
married. Cyrano's diversion(he
keeps de Guiche from
seeing the wedding
by talking about
going to the moon.) De Guiche sends
Christian and
Cyrano to the
front line. Cyrano goes
"behind enemy lines" to
write to Roxane(pretending
to be Christian.) Cyrano would prefer to
die with a sword
and dygnity. Roxane pays an unexpected
visit to the camp, because of
the amazing
letters. Ragueneau comes with
Roxane and he
bring food. Roxane tells christian
that her reason for
first loving him
was because of his
looks. Christian has scorn for
his soul, because it
hits him that he shouldn't
be lying about who
he is to her and tell that's
it's been Cyrano all
along. Christian dies
and Cyrano doesn't
reveal the truth to
roxane. Cyrano
1. big nose
2. loves Roxane
3. poet When people insult
Cyrano's nose, he duels
them. Montfleury(Cyrano hates
him, because he's a bad actor
and like Roxane) Roxane's Duenna
arranges for her and
Cyrano to meet. Roxane now
lives in
a convent. Cyrano always
the nuns. Time for Cyrano's
visits?? Roxane holds
Christian's last letter
close to her heart. Cyrano attacks people
who he doesn't like
through poems.
De Guiche is jealous
of Cyrano, because he can't
say and do whatever
he wants. One of his enemies had
a log dropped on him so
he would be accidentally
killed. Cyrano says that
leafs die so gracefully??
Roxane knows that it
was Cyrano the whole time
when he can recite the poem in
the dark. When Cyrano dies,
it's like Roxane loosing
her husband twice. (b/c it
was cyrano all along) A play inside a
play: La Clorise Lingere wrote
an insulting song
about De Guiche. Cyrano has a duel with
Valvert and comes up with a
ballad of what's really happening. Roxane and Christian
love eachother. Cyrano believes that he can't
talk to women because of his
physical features.
Cyrano fights 100
men for Lingere. Rageneau's wife uses poetry
for bags for pastries,
b/c she doesn't like them. Cyrano cut his hand. Cyrano has diverstionary
when he gives pastries
to the duenna so he can
talk to Roxane. Cyrano agrees to write/talk/help
Christian with Roxane. De Guiche is violent
to people who insult him. Cyrano wrote a love letter for
Roxane, until she said she loved
Roxane thinks that
Christian is more
intellectual then Cyrano. Roxane persuedes De
Guiche to give her money
and then uses it to get
her and Christian married. De Guiche sent a message
to Roxane with a priest and then
she had him marry her and Christian. The cadet's hate De
Guiche, b/c he's a poser.
(bandages on cuts) Cyrano found De Guiche's
white scarf on the
Spanish lines and humiliated him
in front of the cadets. De Guiche has a
Spanish spy and signals
with the white scarf where
the cadets are.
The cadets are starving,
b/c there are no imports
of food.
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