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Optimizing the localization workflow using memoQ

memoQfest 2013, Kevrenn

Jean-Marie Guyot

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Optimizing the localization workflow using memoQ

Optimizing the localization workflow
memoQfest 2013
1. L10n – Localizer
Localization =
language skills
Rennes, France
6 core members
25 to 50 translators / freelancers and agencies
founded 1997
memoQ since 2007
mostly software, web sites, technical material, marketing
source: fr, en
target: mostly European
Strings IDs and comments appear in the translation matrix
What tool?
Catalyst, Passolo, RC Wintrans, etc.
L10N tools
Translation tool (CAT)
, others...
Great UI
menus, dialogs, images
Excellent updates
string IDs
Unchanged parts are re-used
Specific Control
hotkeys in dialog, menus
dialog sizing
(trucated, overlaping, etc.)
tags and variables
(\n \t, %s, %d, etc.)
File structure
supported file formats
technical consistency
language ID, codepage
Translation interface
Complex but missing basic features
Built-in TM
less efficient
inefficient (missed repetitions)
inconsistent (retranslated repetitions)
not compatible with other TM systems (based on sentences)
TM "polluted" with codes
\n \t <br>:
hard to read
poor segmentation
accelerators (&)
change the word ("Cu&t" vs. "Cut")
no spell checking
no TM matches
Inexperienced translators
occasional use
too expensive
L10N tools
Great translation environment
Advanced TM matching
Many proficient translators
Many more...
Translation tool (CAT)
No GUI preview / context
No sizing control
No understanding of accelerators
Incomplete tag handling
Loading a file in a CAT tool
Combine the benefits of L10N tools and CAT environment!
Prepare files in L10N tool
basic control
Extract text
bilingual (Xliff)
add custom fields:
IDs, restype, instructions,
string size limitations,
anything that will help the translators
Move accelerators out of the strings
(store in extra field)
2. CAT – Localizer/PM
In CAT environment
Set segmentation rules to deal with stop variables (\n, \r, \t, <br>, etc.)
Import Xlif
for both source and target
==> auto-aligment
Verify unbalanced alignment (via QA)
Regex variables (%s, %d, <whatever>, etc)
Lock unchanged translations (RE-USE vs. Recycle)
Unchanged translations can still be corrected during language QA :-)
Lock/propagate repetitions (when justified)
3. CAT – Translators
In CAT environment
Translate, Edit, Review
all language tools are available (termbase, DoNotTrans list, excluded terms, etc.)
Quality Assurance
consistency (within files and vs. TM)
all QA options available (including size limit)
Archive translations (export in TM, TB, LD)
Export translated Xliff
4. L10N – Localizer
In L10N environment
Import translated xliff
Apply hotkeys
using old for unchanged
using available for new strings
check for duplicates and fix
Quality Assurance
variables (very fast, already tested in MQ)
dialog resizing
When required, a translator will help optimizing the UI, shortening strings, etc.
Export localized files
Verify file integrity
Export strings to build a TB (for documentation)
Strings IDs and comments appear in the translation matrix

Optimized TM
Increase consistency for repetitions
Protect tags and codes
Better translation
Thank you for
your attention.
Any uestions?
Tasks are divided and performed with the best suited tool
Users work in their preferred environment where they are more efficient
Translation quality is optimized
Optimized Workflow
More information : www.kevrenn.com
©2013 Kevrenn International
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