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Coding Single and Dual Alternative Selection Structures

No description

Harper Miller

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Coding Single and Dual Alternative Selection Structures

If...Then...Else Statement
Visual Basic provides this for coding single-alternative and dual-alternative selection structures. (The statement's syntax is in figure 4-9).
The square brackets in the syntax indicate that the Else portion is optional.
Boldfaced items in a statement's syntax are required.
If...Then...Else Statement (cont.)
Italicized items in a statement' syntax indicate where the programmer must supply information.
In the If...Then...Else statement, the programmer must supply the condition that the computer needs to evaluate before further processing can occur
Coding Single and Dual Alternative Selection Structures
The Condition
The condition
must be a Boolean expression
The condition can contain variables, constants, properties, methods, arithmetic operators, comparison operators, and logical operators
What the Programmer Must Also Provide
The programmer must provide:
The statements to be processed in the true path and (optionally) in the false path
The set of statements contained in each path is referred to as a statement block
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