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Kontor Records and QR Codes

No description

Ashley Sears

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Kontor Records and QR Codes

Back to Vinyl Campaign
House music producer, Boris Dlugosch wanted to set himself apart from the rest.
Kontor Records created a vinyl record that included a QR code.
Scanning the QR code leads to download "Back to Vinyl" app.
Digitally play the vinyl record from a smartphone.
Strengths and Opportunities
Eye catching
QR code led to an app
Kontor Records saw an increase in interactivity
Weaknesses and Threats
Have to create different QR codes for each vinyl
Only see a short increase in interactivity
More useful for campaigns than business models
Kontor Records and QR Codes
Back to Vinyl Campaign

Kontor Records
Record label in Hamburg, Germany
Created in 1996 by Jens Thele
Electric dance music
Promoted over 350 DJs and artists
Promote artists by sending demo's to advertisers

QR Codes
What are they?
Quick Response Codes
Contain more information than traditional barcode in a smaller space

How are they used in PR and marketing?
Can be integrated into print material
Easily direct users to mobile applications for more information
(QR Codes for Marketing, 2000-2013)
(Spin, 2013)
QR codes are essentially free to create
Convenient way to promote music
Interaction with QR codes is traceable through web analytics
Users must have a QR code reader
Audiences are wary of QR codes
Ashley Sears
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